Pondicherry: What to see there?

21st Nov 2017
Photo of Pondicherry: What to see there? by RD Prajapati
Day 1

The city is a dream which is a confluence of many civilizations, their cultures, their faith and mutual happiness. There is a difference between the characters, the language and the faith, but here it is. A city that is quiet, there is noisy, only the waves of the sea. Here is Arbindo Ashram, a modern and international city - Auroville, heritage buildings, beautiful church, monument, panoramic beach, park and backwater, museum, temple, mosque and more.

White town

Photo of Pondicherry, Puducherry, India by RD Prajapati

The journey to Pondicherry begins with the Via East Coast Highway from Chennai. The more beautiful the potty is. The same is the journey to reach Haseen Poni. Beaches with you constantly towards the left of the highway. Because of humidity in the climate, the green fur is there throughout the year. Tilted green trees on both sides of the curved road look like they are welcomed by the bosom. Farmers of the villages make a complete landscape, far away from the lakes and coconut trees, backwater, fishing fishermen.

Mahabalipuram, 56 km away from Chennai, is declared a heritage heritage by UNESCO. Here are temples and caves of ancient times. Mahabalipuram, situated on the Coromandel Beach, is an ancient harbor. This is one of the favorite places to go for vacation from Chennai. Due to having a large historical background, there are several unsurpassed historic monuments of the Pallava empire in Mahabalipuram. Most of the temples here are shaped like a cave. One of the main attractions of this city is the beautiful and clean beaches here. Many activities like fishing and boating are available on these beaches.

Photo of Pondicherry: What to see there? by RD Prajapati

Pondicherry is situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal, the French have ruled here for nearly three decades, whose impression here is reflected in architecture and culture. French style homes, roads, buildings It sounds as if you are roaming in a European country. It is said that when the French came to India, the climate here was harsh for them. So they thought of being close to water and chose the part of the land for the French people, which was near the beach. Today this place is called the French Quarter. Here the native Tamilians who used to work in agriculture, chose such land area from the sea where they could be cultivated. Their part got the name Black Town and the French people were told the township of White Town. A small canal separates these two towns from the middle. Colonial architecture and French culture get a glimpse of White Town. Here in the Black Town there are many mansions saved by traditional Tamil Vastu Art, which have been converted into Heritage Hotel.

Photo of Pondicherry: What to see there? by RD Prajapati

Famous Pondicherry Beach, known as Promenade Beach, is the main attraction here. In the evening, the movement of traffic on the coast is closed so that it becomes an ideal place to stroll along the seashore. Promenade beach 1.5 km Spread over and all the major attractions of the city are around it. Here is a huge statue of Gandhiji, there is also an old light house.

War Memorial, a few heritage hotels and La-Café, built in the memory of the Arvindro Ashram Guest House and the soldiers who died in World War I. Drinking coffee in the La-Café has its own fun.

The noise of the waves of the sea and the light shades of light in the setting

It is very tempting to see the first ray of the sun sitting here. In the morning there is a lot of initiative in the morning. People come for the morning walk. So someone is sitting on the stones and meditating. People do yoga on a platform near Nehru Statue. Pondicherry is a clean city, the residents here are quite aware of the cleanliness.

Shri Arbindo Ashram

The famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram is situated here. The followers of the Aurobindo Ashram come here from abroad. In the White Town, there are dining halls, libraries and many guest houses located at Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The buildings which are painted are the buildings of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. You can book beforehand to stay here. This is a safe and good option for single traveler. But here are some rules of Ashram that you have to adhere to, such as alcohol and smoking prohibition.

Pondicherry Museum is another place to watch. There is a gallery in the museum, in which many statues and Archemademu are many important archaeological objects in the time of Roman law. This museum is the storehouse of rare ancient artifacts. There are many rare bronze statues and stones of Chola and Pallava dynasties present in the exhibit here.

French war memorial

There is also a very good collection of sepoys brought from the Pondicherry area in this museum. This museum gives the visitors an opportunity to know about the colonial past of Pondicherry and provides a good insight into the colonial rule of France in India. The Pondicherry Museum is located in Bharti Park.