6 times I went 'wow' in Bhutan!!!


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This particular blog (my first ever) is a result of my recent trip to Bhutan. You might wonder why I have chosen '6' as the figure. Even if you aren't, let me tell you that it's not because my birthday happens to be on 15 and the numbers add to the figure 6 (I am not into numerology). But I chose the number because I always have the tendency to give a little more than required or requested for. Just a little more, mind you!!!

Honestly, Bhutan was never in my travel list. But now that I have traveled there, I would say that one must visit it. Following are my reasons, but you may happen to find yours.

Ease of getting into the country and staying there - Bhutan is one among 25 countries (I am not sure if that's the exact number, read it somewhere though) where Indian travelers don't require a visa. They would just need an entry permit at no added cost. WOW! To top this, our Indian currency is acceptable everywhere in Bhutan (though most of them prefer Rs 100 notes). So no extra preparations required for visa and currency! The landing and take offs from Paro airport - You need to actually experience it! The pilot from the flight deck announces the descent; I start looking around and see beautiful and green terrains. WOW! I locate a river too and I keep clicking pictures. And suddenly from nowhere between the hills the airport strip becomes visible, not giving us a chance to spot it earlier. Paro airport landings are one among the difficult ones and definitely worth experiencing! The beautiful blend of the hills and the 'CHHU'- Before you judge me (but I guess you may have already done that..) CHHU in Bhutan means river. I am a 'water person' and I must say that the rivers blended so well with the hills. Every place we visited (read Paro, Thimphu and Punakha), we found a different river. The best view during my seven-day visit, I thought was of the Punakha Dzong (fortress) located at the confluence of the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers. The people and their endless warm and loving gestures - On the first day itself we met this driver who took us around Bhutan. He was very patient and responded to our endless queries and requests. I was asking him about the local drinks people have in Bhutan and the very next day he got us a big flask of homemade 'Ara' (it's a warm drink made of rice, maize and eggs). I guess because of these beautiful gestures I had tears in my eyes while I was waving good-bye to him. The massage after the Tiger's nest trek - I am sure a lot of people have spoken about the trek to Tiger's Nest (I know because I had done a lot of research before visiting Bhutan). The trek was worth every bit of pain I felt during the activity and post that too. However what is worth mentioning is the lovely, healing one-hour massage. I almost thought of hugging and kissing my therapist but I behaved myself and thanked her verbally. Do take prior appointments (most of the hotels and resorts in Bhutan have a Spa section) and thank me later. The 'Oh so inexpensive' local red wine and peach wine - When in Bhutan do try out the 'Takin' red wine and 'ZumZim' peach wine. The 750 ml bottle is just for Rs 250 (WOWWW!!). And if you intend to get some home, then please get me one too.

Photo of 6 times I went 'wow' in Bhutan!!! 1/2 by Sudipta
Photo of 6 times I went 'wow' in Bhutan!!! 2/2 by Sudipta

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