Where Happiness is a place and experience of a #learningholiday

1st Mar 2019

Kuzkuzampol la (Namaste)

Photo of Where Happiness is a place and experience of a #learningholiday by 2itchyfeets
Day 6
when you learn about the countryside of Bhutan seeing breathtaking views and life of the people living over there that no matter what you have you can be happy if you want to.
Day 2
When you learn how to say namaste in Bhutanese i.e. KunKunzampol la.
Day 1
When you learn how difficult it is to land on such a challenging and beautiful airport. Kudos to the Pilots.
Day 3
When you understand the values of food and drinks. We are trying ara with one finger dipped rotating clockwise three times before drinking giving its first drop to god.
Day 9
When you learn a new way to get rid of negativity and accumulating wisdom by spinning the wheels of Dharma.
Day 7
When you learn to feel the air at one of the longest suspension bridge, you think it is always in the atmosphere but felt it for the first time.
Day 4
When the beautiful unending nature is infront of you and Feeling of Buddha at the back you just remember a line that what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Day 2
Trying to read a language, i have never read before. Trying to walk on a way, i have never walked before. To keep life afresh and interesting, it is must to do something you have never done before.
Day 5
When you learn that even children are welcoming in Bhutan, they were happily coming back from school and giggling with each other. We stopped by to say Kunkunzampol (hello in Bhutanese), "Welcome to Bhutan" is what they replied.
Day 8
When you feel that sharing is the utmost happiness. Sitting among monks and waiting for the food taught me that we all are one.

Although Bhutan taught me almost everything, yet every travel gives you a learning experience. My passion for travel always makes me a happy person and i am really thankful to the platforms like tripoto which gives us the opportunity to document our travel and make the memories lifetime.

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