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Punakha Suspension Bridge

Akash Bhatte
5) Suspension Bridge - There are multiple suspension bridge on Mo Chuu River 1:30PM Splendid
Swagata Nath
This is the longest Suspension Bridge in Bhutan built over the Po Chhu riven. The view is breathtaking.
Chaitali Chatterjee
One of the oldest suspension bridges in the world, Punakha Suspension Bridge in Bhutan was believed to be built by the Buddhist Monk which is 160 metres. Punakha Dzong Suspension Bridge is an important part of the architectural history of Bhutan as it was built to connect the villages of Shengana, Samdingkha and Wangkha to the Palace of the Wangchuk Kings.This hanging bridge in Bhutan is draped with prayer flags all along and provides a perfect spot for bird watching and nature photography not to mention the panic attacks it gives to a few visitors as it sways a bit due to the strong winds from the flowing river beneath.
Swetha Kumar
The longest suspension bridge is a must visit if you are at Bhutan . It connects to the dzong and the villages near the Po chhu river.
When you learn to feel the air at one of the longest suspension bridge, you think it is always in the atmosphere but felt it for the first time.