Trip to heaven

10th Aug 2019
Photo of Trip to heaven by Divya Madhusudhanan
Day 1

Being in Pune , we have lot of opportunities for one day trips. But this was in my bucket list for past 1.5 yrs . Until last evening our plan was not finalized. We were in dilemma since it was raining heavily. But then I decided to make this trip successful as I do not want to miss the MONSOON and its beauty which is just 120 KM far.

Somehow we managed to wakeup at 5.30 AM and started from home at 7 AM. After picking up one more couple at 8 AM, we managed to start to this heaven , MALSHEJ GHAT. We reached there around 1 PM after taking nice breakfast and many breathtaking mountain views and small waterfall breaks.It was a BUMPY RIDE though!!

It was a Cloudy noon, when we reached REVERSE WATERFALLS. We were able to see the clear view of beautiful valley, where there is beautiful waterfalls. As time proceeds we were almost inside the clouds and felt like walking in heaven and the waterfall drizzle on our face. UHH....NATURE AT ITS BEST!!!.

Its almost 3 PM, we decided to start from Malshej ghat before getting dark . So we started to drive along the roads where there are picturesque waterfalls. Never been in such a beautiful , risky and adventurous roads in my life. We were mesmerized and started dancing in waterfalls. After completely enjoying in waterfalls , our stomach started shouting and awesome street foods made it happy.

There are few hotels to stay but one day is much enough to explore the beauty. So we started back to Pune around 5 PM. But we promised Malshej ghat, that we will visit you every monsoon!!!

Photo of Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra by Divya Madhusudhanan
Photo of Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra by Divya Madhusudhanan