A Tryst with Nature πŸƒ

1st Aug 2020
Photo of A Tryst with Nature πŸƒ 1/1 by the.mad.nomads

Udaipur enveloped us in its lush green surrounding during this recent adhoc trip, the first of ours after the lockdown was lifted.

Photo of Badi Lake, Morwaniya, Rajasthan, India by the.mad.nomads

Rajasthan always lent us a dry imagery of itself, but Udaipur was a complete surprise package with dense green mountains all around, impromptu rain showers, flawless roads, all that one expects for a perfect holiday.

Since we went for an outing after a long time, we wanted to explore places that would rejuvenate us and offer enough solitude to make for a much deserved holiday.

#Badilake or Badijheel came to our rescue exactly at that point by offering us this unique panorama of solace, snugging us in the folds of Mother Nature. The sun setting over these mountains, the glittering water, the chirping of birds and the missing tourists πŸ˜‰ made a spectacular combination for the time spent here.

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