Pushkar a spiritual retreat

3rd Mar 2016
Photo of Pushkar a spiritual retreat by Rahul Chandran
Day 1
Pushkar a perfect place for a spiritual retreat. It is just 11 km from ajmer. The road to pushkar itself is soothing with the naag mountain guarding the door to pushkar. You could take a local bus from ajmer to pushkar or call for a cab preferably ola cabs a 300 rs journey from ajmer. You could have a full city view of ajmer during your journey to pushkar. Pushkar is not a metro or any kind of fashionable city you have ever seen. Its just a small hindu village turned into a gypsy retreat centre. Pushkar is centered around the pushkar lake and the famous brahma temple. Epic says the lake was formed at the place where the lotus of brahma dropped. Every corner of pushkar is equipped with verities of shops and cafes for tourists. Every cafe is equipped with roof top catering. After crossing the check-post to pushkar the first thing i was searching for was pink floyd cafe. Pushkar is not a big place, you could go through every corner in half a day. Pink floyd is a fantasy place to stay, each corner of the hotel is equipped with pink floyd posters and wordings. You could always listen to the songs by pink floyd and each room here has a name from pink floyd albums also you could get a good view of pushkar from here. You will get a stay below 600inr but food is a little bit expensive here. You could get verity of taste here but you wont be getting non veg here. As i told pushkar is a perfect spiritual retreat. You could have a perfect calm and quite time here. No one pushes you no one bugs you, you could do anything you want here but keep in mind to respect the culture and customs of the people here. Pushkar is also famous for its special lassie and weed smoking sadhus. Special lassie is a concentrated form of marijuana which is also called as bhang in india. It is totally legal here so if you want to try one of those special stuff do it but be careful else you couldn't handle the tripping. Its always best to have it from the place you are staying. Pushkar is packed with foreigner's in a way it is a spiritual Goa without beach and beer. Have a night in pushkar and you will start to see your life in a new way.

Pushkar from pink floyd cafe

Photo of Pushkar, Rajasthan, India by Rahul Chandran