ROMA- A city that will always be remembered

From the eyes of a fifteen year old young, excited and adventurous Debanjana, Rome was everything she ever wished for. The rocky roads, narrow lanes, the sound of guitars from every corner of the street and last but not the least, the Roman architecture, everything was so different from where she lived. It felt like all the mini little uneven rocks on the ground to the marble and stone carved out on huge monuments, everything was telling her a different story. Also for a person who considered food to be a divine entity, Rome was the place to be in. The moment the cheesy, spicy, juicy, warm mushroom risotto went inside Debanjan’s mouth, she knew that that was it. She knew that her life was complete. A place with so much of history, culture and passion, she had never seen something like this before. And the most amusing thing was that it wasn’t just a dream this time. Every little thing was so unreal. She distinctly remembers when one day, she got lost near the Victorian street, how two women, helped her find the ‘Spanish Steps’, the old Roman architectural structure. But if we begin talking about the thin crust, hand tossed, authentic Italian pizza we had from ‘Da Remo’, I think we would never stop. Of course, like any other person who comes to Rome, even we didn’t cut short on the wine. Being a person who has been to places, had their food and tasted their famous drinks, I have never had something better than the original Roman wine. With one sip of the finest, staring at the Pantheon, an almost 1900 year old, former Roman temple, I didn’t know if anything else was more perfect than that. Also, even though only one-third of the Colosseum was left for us to see, that was more than enough to make us feel lost and mesmerised by the magical history that Rome has. Like you, me and everyone else, even cities roads and buildings have a story which they call their own. Even though they’re supposedly categorised under the very scientific term, ‘non-living’, when you really try to listen and feel what they are saying to you, you will find that there is a different essence to each one of them. Known, unknown, everything seems so insignificant and irrelevant. The streets, the sky, the light. A place where many memories were made, a place where another journey began. Roma, you will always be remembered.

Debanjana Chowdhury.