24th Feb 2018


Photo of A PLACE OF PEACE - Umrah by Ali Colak

Umrah is a journey every Muslim that can afford it should complete at least once in their lifetimes. My entire life, Ive been raised in America, the culture is different, the people are different, the environment(obviously) is different. Although Ive travelled outside the country many times, I feel like Saudi Arabia is a place Ill definitely remember (I made a whole video about it, why wouldnt I haha).

I went to Saudi with Ikram Tourism from Turkey. It was 1200, not too expensive. After we arrived in Madina, where we stayed 4 days, we went to the Masjid Al Nabawi. We saw the Ravza I Mutaharra and I got a chance to pray inside without waiting because the guards let me in. In Madina, we also visited the Uhud Mountains, Cubba Mosque, and the Kibla Mosque.

Mecca was the best experience although I got sick for half the trip. I put on my two towels (Ihram) and rode from Madina to Mecca, a 7 hour trip. Going to the bathroom in an Ihram is the HARDEST THING ever. It took me 20 minutes lol. But after we arrived in Mecca, we stayed at the Elaf al Mahser hotel... IT'S one of the WORST hotels. I dont recommend it. It's very unsanitary. Room service didnt even bother cleaning our room until midnight (from the previous people that stayed there). We left to the Kaaba, which was a 3 block walk. The group and I did the Tawaaf, went between the two mountains, and I got sick. With a headache and throatache, the rest of my days felt like hell. I was able to make Tawaaf 3 more times. I made a whole video about the journey!

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