A Solo experience of Singapore


“Carrying bag packs on your shoulders walking on the streets alone, looking and seeking for an unknown destination, while being a traveler in a new city is what, all of us think every moment to seek escape from our day to day life.” But all of these thoughts ended when reality kicks, reality that you are a girl. “In our society a girl traveling alone is not safe” is which we have listened from everybody’s mouth.

But there was always something of me which wants to go out alone, explore the possibilities, so after keeping everything in mind, I devised a plan to live my longings for once. So I decide to go Singapore that is known for safe place for everyone with strict rules.

After touching the grounds of Singapore, I was afraid but when I entered into the airport, I was amazed with the vastness of this airport. The most wonderful thing I felt that was freshness of plants in airport’s environment. The airport didn’t seem an airport it was a blend of garden, shopping complex and spa. “There was free massage chairs at Changi airport”, “a wall of plants- the green wall”. There was lot to see in the airport it was not an airport it was an amusement park for me with full of wonders, lights and colors. As head out from exit, I hired a taxi to reach my hotel.

After freshen up, I started my dream excursion my first destination was Santosa Island. Therefore, I reached MRT station near to my hotel and reached to harbor front. The crowd was very welcoming and helpful here It was quite easy to get the clear guidance to reach santosa. As I reached the harbor front I paced my way to vivo city to board monorail to santosa island. The round trip cost me $4.

My first stop over was sea aquarium. There is one of kind location for sea walk. I went through the frequent emotional change phase, as I walk across the aquarium I had following experience, “sharks- grumpy sharks searching for their food ‘afraid’ ” , “surgeonfish of Finding Nemo ‘took a sigh of relief- find a savior and friend’ ”, “Jellyfish ‘amazed’”, well the whole walk cost 24 Singapore dollar and it was pretty amazing.

Searching over the globe – universal studio

It is made up of Hollywood Zone, Lost world Zone, Madagascar Zone, New York City Zone, Ancient Egypt Zone, Far Far Away Zone, Sci fi city Zone.

Hollywood zone: As I entered in its Hollywood zone, there was many cartoon characters walking over the streets people taking pictures, the most joyful was artists acting, dancing and performing street shows at this miniature of Hollywood zone of Santosa.

New York City Zone: As I paced forward, New York City zone was ahead my way, ready to excite me at space chase- full of aliens and amazing funny space creatures, happy and weird faced was perfect to make me laugh and shrill.

A section named Light Camera Action was really enthralling with fire stunts. Street shows was frequent on this part of island, artists dancing over the streets

Sci fi city- transformers the ride was very much like as if i was living in transformer’s world too much exciting.

Battlestar galactica a giant roller coaster ride was enthralling , people were screaming , I took fun of that breath taking ride.

After that I stepped toward Ancient Egypt zone, gaint sculptures of Mummies and people dressed as faroh was looking amazing , Egypt always amazes me, there was screams and shrill cry of people in the revenge of Mummy compound of that land. There wa another thing waiting for me the Treasure Hunt , it was an exciting ride amidts treasure hund island zone

The Lost world Zone;

Dainasurours – Jurassic world. there was dinosaurs ride- Amber rock climb

Water world: film pirates of carrabian

Far Far Away Zone: Castle of Shrek - I reminded all my favorit Disney movies for watching those I used to fight with my brother.

But the most sadden thing was the universal studio was over abundant by roller coaster rides

Madagascar Zone: animal ride dancing animal,

Singapore is a popular tourist destination for millions of tourists every year, but it is such an enriching experience to visit Singapore as a solo traveller. My solo trip to Singapore taught me that the smallest of places can have so much character, with so much to discover and experience. To top that, Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, ideal for a solo escapade.

Here are my suggestions on how to steer through Singapore as a solo traveller:

Walk Through Chinatown

Picture this: Little cobbled streets, rows and rows of little outdoor shops, lots of colourful bright colours, pretty souvenirs, little knick-knacks, and an elderly Chinese woman selling some very interesting articles. I had the time of my life buying local spices, souvenirs, clothes and jewellery. It was great fun interacting with the shopkeepers, bargaining and discovering some really quirky gift items for friends and family.

What to Buy: At the Chinatown flea market, buy anything from books, to retro clocks, vintage items, second-hand books. Bargain unabashedly.

Eat at a Local Food Court

One of the most unique things about Singapore are local food courts, which serve authentic Asian food, at throwaway prices. These are basically covered halls, with common seating and many hawkers serving local cuisine. The most difficult part is to choose what to eat, as it all looks so sumptuous and deliciously weird. It is a great experience to walk through all the hawker shops, and familiarise yourself with the variety of Singaporean cuisine. In a community style seating, these places make for some interesting food and great conversation with a local.

Must Try: Chicken rice, Fish head curry, Dry Laksa (a spicy noodle soup), Fried Hokkein Mee (egg noodles with pork), Sambal Stingray, Chilli Crab and Chicken Satay. This mouth-watering list can go on and on.

Popular Food Courts:

Maxwell Food Centre – One of the oldest food centres in Singapore, located in Chinatown

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre – Located in Katong neighbourhood, serving food from the 1970’s

Newton Food Centre – very close to Orchard Road, one the most popular hawker centres

Makansutra Gluttons Bay – A food court with a fitting name, located in the upscale Marina Bay District

Spend a Day at Jurong Bird Park

A bird park is usually a place people visit with their families, but my solo trip through Jurong Bird Park was almost a meditative experience. Countless species of birds, the feeding ritual and the wonderful colours of bird feathers made for brilliant photo opportunities. Alone, I took a relaxed stroll through the park, while the birds chirped in the background.

Things to know: The Park is open all days from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm (the last ticket sale is at 5.30 pm). Reach as early as possible, to spend more time in the park.

Shop at Orchard Road

For a shopaholic like me, it is truly a delightful experience to be able to shop all day. I don’t need company for this wonderful activity, just a lot of shops, money in my wallet and a large fun shopping area. The most fascinating characteristic of Singapore is that you don’t even need to go outdoors to get from one shopping centre to another. Most of the malls are interconnected through underground passageways, which are also filled with shops and eateries. Just like Disneyland for shoppers!

Must Visit: ION Orchard, Paragon, Orchard Central, Mandarin Gallery, Lucky Plaza and The Centrepoint are just some of the malls on this street. You can shop till you drop or run out of money, whichever comes first.

Let Your Hair down at Clarke Quay and Riverside

Singapore is one of the most cosmopolitan and happening places in Asia. An evening at Clarke Quay is a stark reminder of all the glitter, glamour and enjoyable nightlife that this fascinating island can boast of. The Riverside area, just as the name suggests, is on the waterfront, and attracts crowds for its array of bars, clubs and cafes. As I walked by the riverside, music reverberated from clubs, sounds of laughter and merriment echoed through the streets, and colourful lights glittered on the water. It surely is a happy place to be at.

Must Do: Indulge in Brizo’s famous Crab buffet, watch the spectacular laser show at Boat Quay, and visit Fort Canning Park to learn about Singapore’s colonial history.

Singapore is a fascinating country, and despite being small in geographical size, it’s a country with a large heart and an appetite to match. There is so much to explore in the little streets, local food centres, boutique shops, and the unique amalgamation of something old and something new. Don’t think twice before booking your trip to this truly special place.