Spiti Valley Is All Set to Reopen for Tourists on February 17!

3rd Feb 2021
Photo of Spiti Valley Is All Set to Reopen for Tourists on February 17! by Srishti (still.winds)

After the grim year that kept most of us away from our favourite destinations, there is finally some good news! Travel enthusiasts, tourists, bikers and trekkers who'd been wishing to catch a glimpse of the glorious snow-laden mountains and cold deserts of Spiti, a high altitude tourist paradise in the state of Himachal Pradesh can now rejoice.

The Valley had earlier been shut till the 31st of March to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but as the situation is slowly improving, and the number of cases are going down, the Spiti Tourism Society has released an official statement declaring the opening of the Spiti Valley on February 17th 2021.

The Official Statement

(C) Spiti Holiday Adventure

Photo of Spiti Valley by Srishti (still.winds)

Although the situation looks hopeful, we need to realise that the pandemic is not over yet. Keeping the safety of the locals as well as tourists in mind, there are various instructions that need to be followed by the travellers who will visit the valley once it re-opens.

Instructions for Travelers

According to reports, anyone visiting the valley will have to abide by the following Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs:

1) All tour operators should ensure that people travelling in groups should have a valid RT-PCR/RAT report with them

2) The report that the tourists carry should be from a valid COVID testing facility and not older than 96 hours

3) The tourists will not get access to Kibber village and Khibber wildlife (it has been declared as a prohibited area)

4) Even the people reaching independently will have to visit a government hospital and get a test done, only then they will be allowed to enter the Valley

Initiative by Spiti Tourism Society

The Spiti Tourism Society cares for their beloved tourists and they want to ensure everyone is safe and sound. They have declared that vigilance committees have been formed, which will ensure compliance of SOPs. During these times, it becomes absolutely necessary to follow the above stated instructions and take proper precautions.

We must appreciate the efforts put in by the Spiti Tourism society and abide by the rules and regulations set by them. After all, they are doing so much so that we get to visit and explore the beautiful Spiti Valley in Himachal.

2021 has begun to take us back to all that we missed in 2020, but with conditions applied. With all that we lost in the last year, it is our responsibility to get accustomed to the changes in traveling. The reopening of Spiti Valley is definitely a positive news for us travellers so, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip right away!

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