5 days to a change forever❤


"Kashmir? Ah! It's was not a trip, it was a journey." Snow capped mountains and mesmerising beauty are just a few words people use to describe this paradise but Kashmir became a life-changing experience for me. All the little things like mothers dropping their children midway to school via shikaras changed my views about the place, one incident at a time. It's beauty is breathtaking and overwhelmingly destructive. The way people greeted us with their genuine smiles and proudly narrated the stories of their land made me fall for the place a little more everyday.I was not fond of reading but sitting in the balcony and reading novels while admiring the dal lake at frequent intervals gave me a strong sense of calmness and made peace of mind a new best friend. It also ignited a spark for reading which continues to grow till date. My definition of enjoyment completely changed as I discovered the new horizons that welcomed me gladly. Sitting on rocks while admiring the river and the calm environment in the biting cold and thinking about life was the best part of the day. I knew I was sitting there alone but not even once did loneliness sweep in. Books and posts cannot describe even half the experience that Kashmir gifts you, an experience of a lifetime- a place that made me fall in love with nature, peace and above all, myself.I didn't just experience Kashmir, I live it everyday as I rewind those days in my memory