Stockholm and its unusual monuments


Stockholm, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Sweden, welcomes visitors with centuries-old mysteries, cobblestone medieval streets, colorful old houses and picturesque Gamla Stan district - home of some of Sweden's most fascinating monuments and sights.

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Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

History buffs won't want to miss Stockholm Stadhus (city hall), an iconic symbol of Sweden and an inspiration. Climb the tower for breathtaking views across Stockholm!

1. The Royal Palace

As its original purpose was as the Swedish Royal Palace and residence for its royal family, the palace still houses some offices of monarchy today as well as several museums and serves as the venue for various official events.

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

The Palace is a popular tourist attraction and one of the highlights is witnessing the changing of the guard in its outer courtyard. Additionally, during summer there is usually a parade of guards through city streets to further commemorate this event.

The Royal Chapel is one of the palace's main draws, housing interior decor features and artwork from 18th century masters such as Nikodemus Tessin the Younger and Carl Harleman. Furthermore, this chapel contains pew doors from King Karl XI's Palace Chapel which were salvaged during Tre Kronor Castle fire of 1697.

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

2. The narrowest street in the world

Gamla Stan, Stockholm's historic district, is one of Europe's best preserved medieval city centres, boasting cobblestone streets, winding alleyways and classic architecture that create an idyllic and picturesque ambience that visitors love exploring.

Make sure to visit Stockholm's peculiar monuments, like the North Bridge. This Neoclassical bridge spans Norrstrom River and connects Helgeandsholmen island to Royal Palace.

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

Fan Tan Alley connects Fisgard Avenue and Pandora Avenue in Victoria's Chinatown neighborhood. Once an entertainment zone, this 35-inch narrow street was home to restaurants, shops and opium dens; today however, its business are more tourist friendly including barber shops, art galleries, cafes, apartments and apartments.

boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and world-class museums, as well as unique attractions such as the Nobel Museum and City Museum.

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

3. Skansen

Skansen is Sweden's oldest open-air museum and zoo. It displays an extensive array of exhibits depicting Scandinavian heritage and tradition.

At its heart lies an impressive trading hub that imports fragrant spices and exquisite silk fabrics from all corners of the globe. But perhaps what truly distinguishes it is its location.

This charming building serves as a tribute to Stockholm's long and rich history, paying homage to an era when lucky individuals could live luxurious lives thanks to trade. They did so in style - the hotel features sauna, indoor pool and an outdoor spa bath, cocktail bar as well as free WiFi connectivity - plus it even offers some of the smallest but still comfortable and well-appointed rooms around!

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

4. The Parliament Building

The Parliament Building is a grand structure whose design integrates elements of free classical, Renaissance and Romanesque styles. The front facade measures 152.4 metres (500 feet). An octagonal Renaissance dome stands out against many circular neoclassical domes found on US state capitol buildings.

Interior of the building. Divided into two legislative chambers: House of Representatives and Senate. Also includes party meeting rooms, offices and recreational areas.

The chambers are constructed using different architectural styles: the Senate utilizes circles and ellipses while the House features more angular forms. Both chambers boast large central roof skylights that let in natural light during the daytime while emitting glow at night to signal to passersby that Parliament is sitting.

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

5. The City Museum

The City Museum, a free museum in Stockholm, boasts collections of archaeological finds, artifacts and artworks that reveal Sweden's evolution through time. Exhibitions feature films and 3D animations which bring history alive.

For art enthusiasts, this museum boasts a permanent collection of modern and contemporary masterpieces by world-renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, as well as advanced installations that include screenings, talks, and audio-visual events to heighten your experience.

Photo of Stockholm and its unusual monuments by Enotus

One notable monument is a 55-meter section of medieval city wall discovered during renovations at Parliament buildings.