Traits of a Typical Traveller

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I am proud to call myself a typical traveler. There are many of us. Similar minded souls who love to wander and see every corner of the world. Each possible place to visit is on our minds, nothing can beat the excitement of traveling to a new place. In search of the beauty that this world has, a typical traveler like me dreams about destinations and travels.

Here are some of the traits typical travelers share:

1. Always on the lookout for a good deal for airfare or hotels or events!

Typical travelers are always on a lookout for good deals to buy the air tickets or book a hotel or get a good deal on events. If we are able to get a good deal on the air fare, we can plan another holiday sooner than earlier! This means more saving leads to more travel. A good deal on events like Sunburn, Ragasthan or New years eve in Sydney, such deals help us make the most of our trip. We plan a travel according to the event we want to attend. It is always on our minds, rather, on our calender, specifically marked and highlighted.

2. Prefer to capture the world through our eyes and not the camera

Typical travelers like me prefer to capture the beauty through the eyes. We avoid running around everywhere with a phone or a camera in our hands. We would rather sit and sink in the beauty of the place instead of capturing everything through the lens. We see beauty through our eyes and choose to stay away from the technology for a while. Typical travelers do not like to miss out on anything worth visiting. The sunset may be the same but we never give it a miss. Typical travelers want to see everything possible.

3. We pack light

Typical travelers do not carry their entire cupboards in the suitcases. We prefer to travel light and carry only the essentials. Of course, it is important to dress according to the country we are in but there is no need to carry every single thing in your suitcases.

4. We spend all our money on travel

We never seem to have enough! Whatever we save, we spend on travel. For a long weekend getaway or a small day trip nearby. We are always saving money for travel and there never seems to be enough. Our only purpose to earn-to spend on travel!

5. Our entire year is planned in advance

Every weekend every long weekend and a week long holiday in addition to the available holidays is planned in advance. The first thing we check is the number of holidays and long weekends available. The immediate task is to plan the travel in advance and ensure that nothing is missed.

We are simply in love with the mountains, the beaches and the cities. Travel inspires typical travelers and always brings out the best. Travel makes us believe that the world is ours, how much we see it, depends on us.