My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu

2nd Nov 2016
Photo of My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu 1/6 by 0-Mile Destination
Photo of My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu 2/6 by 0-Mile Destination
Photo of My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu 3/6 by 0-Mile Destination
Thanjavur Temple

Guess what I have done with my first solo back packing. Its quit amazing. I would like to thank you people for the inspiration.

Traveling and traveling solo lot of people talked about it. Read lot about it but never dare to try. But some how made my mind to do a travel. Thinking about the places its obvious, being in Tamil Nadu where would someone want to go. So started to do a little research on the places and had semi planned idea. I had booked accommodations in advance just to make sure no issues with the stay and also budget. Total Four night stay cost just 700 rs. Best option is to try different sites. I found makemytrip was best deal among others. I also had pay back points so i booked a free night too.

Photo of My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu 4/6 by 0-Mile Destination
Photo of My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu 5/6 by 0-Mile Destination
Photo of My First SOLO Travel - Tamil Nadu 6/6 by 0-Mile Destination
Day 1

I had no prior travel arrangements, planned to use local transport for entire trip. My first destination was Tanjore. I started late night Wednesday night around 11 pm. Boarded bus to Salem, from there I might get bus to Tanjor. I reached Salem and found some SETC bus to Tanjore. But I was not interested so I boarded ordinary bus to Trichy, frequency is every min. From Trichy there are buses frequently to Tajore. I boarded a private bus and it cost 23rs. Just found BHEL and Sastra Univ are on the highways. I have reached Tanjore around 6 AM. It just stopped raining and climate was pleasantly cool.

I haven't booked any accommodation in Tanjore. Found a stay for 300rs just behind the old bus stand. Just relaxed a bit and went to Tanjore Temple. One of the ancient temple of Chola's period. Spent almost three hours inside the temple exploring architecture and praying. It was quit interesting to see people from all over world visit the temple. After a small walk around the streets and vacated the room. I left for Trichy where I had booked my accommodation for the day.

After an hour long journey reached Trichy. I have booked accommodation near Chatram Bus Stand which is second and local bus station. It is also located near Cauvery river and city outer. There are very frequent buses from Central Bus stand and Railway jn. About Trichy it been too crowded and mostly commercial places. Lot of shoppes all around the city. Each place is named around the type of shops in that area. After a small nap I started to explore the streets of Trichy and went to uchi pillayar temple one of the famous destination in Trichy. Just found Trichy is not just commercial city but also temple city. Lots of temple around the streets at every corner of the city. View of city from the top of the temple is just amazing. One could see the entire city from the temple.

Photo of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India by 0-Mile Destination
Photo of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India by 0-Mile Destination
Photo of Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India by 0-Mile Destination
Day 2

Next day my destination was Sri Rangam. Sri Rangam is one of the biggest working Hindu temple in India. Morning darshan timing of the main temple is 9.30 AM to 12.30 AM. and different timings in afternoon and evening. Again its just 4 km to Sri Rangam from my hotel. Buses are so frequent. Just got completely lost inside the temple premises. One should have at least one complete day to get blessing of all the Darshan. And the queue to main temple , it took me three hours to compete Darshan. I have spend almost 4 hrs and just finished very few Darshan. I had to vacate my room by 12.30 PM. So I left back to room in middle could not able visit all the temple in the premises.

After vacating my room, I started to main bus stand and boarded bus to Madurai. I had booked accommodation in Madurai. After a long journey I reached Madurai Central Bus Stand and boarded local bus to railway junction where my room is located.Madurai is so much nicer than Trichy. After checking in to hotel, time to visit Meenakshi Amma Temple. Spend the whole evening there and got back to room. Had Jigarthanda twice its so delicious. I had booked early morning Train to Nagercoil. So could not able to explore other places much.

Photo of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India by 0-Mile Destination
Day 3

Next two days I have spent in Kanyakumari roaming around town and spending almost entire day in beach. Had enough time to visit all the places in two days. Again the queue to Vivekananda memorial is huge it almost took complete half day to visit the Memorial Rock. It is very small town and mostly attracted by tourist. Otherwise town is fully empty. After seeing so much of crowd in Trichy and Madurai felt bit relaxed and was roaming around the town so many times.

Day 4

Trip has come to an end spend some hours in beach. Felt little emotional while leaving the town. Had booked train to Bangalore from Nagercoil. Just realized four days went just like that. I would keep memories for a long time. Lot had said may things about travelling solo. I don't know what I have learned but I fell more independent. Some sort of confidence have evolved in me. Travel is the best way to invest on oneself. Hope to do more travel.