1st Nov 2018
Photo of HINDU +TELEGU + URDU = HYDERABAD. by Indrajit Sur
Day 1

So i'm right here in the Central India, in the state of Telengana , welcoming myself to the city of the Nawabs and the land of the world famous Biriyani. Hyderabad is a bit unhealty just like the other places in our country but it is as lively as Kolkata or Mumbai. With streets litghted , shops open and people crying out loud to sell their wares . One of the most excieting places in India where you can discover a little more and a weekend is not enough to explore the city of Nawabs.

I started my day by paying a visit to the Charminar . Placed exactly at the centre of the city , is a maginificient piece of Indo-Islamic work with four Minarates places on four side of the structure . And suprisingly stands straight since the late 16th century . Yes , you read that right .

With a strech of more than 200m , on either side of the footpath and even on the road are thousands of hawkers selling their wares . Now i could get the feel of ' In the Bazaars of Hyderbad ' . The beautiful and mesmerizing culture , clothes , wares and even toys left me speechless. It's more important to know the culture of the place that you visit in order to explore more about it.

On the right of Charminar is the Makkah Masjid , the biggest in Hyderbad.

A true example of marvelous work done by the Islamic workers. This was my first time entering a masjid and it was an awesome expirience . I wanted to learn more about the Islamic culture and hence I landed up in a masjid but soon I found my self on the streets.

The houses of Hyderabad were so amazingly built. With the tall and big houses with names written not familar to me and unable to read , the colours of the houses unable to seen , i fell in love with the beautiful city .

I soon found my way to the Golconda Fort , witnessing something so big and manificient that stands still without any damange . It nearly took about six decades to form this Fort said our guide and after entering the place I saw why it took the time. The place where the Kohinoor diamond was sold , know for it's diamonds , the Diamond garden in the fort in now just an ordinary garden yet claiming the worth of it's time.

Every inch an bit of it is filled with something new to learn . Crossing 7 iron gates won't be a matter of joke for any enemy that encountered the Qutub Sahih's . I was schoked at sites where the beautiful diamond cutting roofs lead to a vibration that we can hear our clothes getting touched with our hands , with walls so sharp that one can hear the wisper of a person standing atleast 20 metres away while another place so ordaniary yet so magical that a person clapping on ground at about 300ft. away can hear the claps from the ' Raj Darbar' . And you know what? This was just the early 16th century India and the technology was so smooth that it amazed the 21st century people. Adding the to diversity in relgion I saw there was a masjid and tmeple right beside each other at a hieght of 390ft. from where you can see the entire city , lived the Sahih's .

The journey was short yet the best one and must be in ones to go list in near future.

The temple of Maa Kali at Golcondo Fort.

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Indrajit Sur

The Masjid of Golconda Fort.

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Indrajit Sur

The City of Hyderabad from the Bird's view.

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Indrajit Sur

The city from 390ft. Above

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Indrajit Sur

The blissful sightings of Golconda.

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Indrajit Sur

Charminar and it's market.

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Indrajit Sur

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