River Kwai Resotel Resort, Kanchanaburi

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The River Kwai Resotel Resort, Kanchanaburi

Nestled on the banks of the historical Kwai Noi river, in the cuddle of the remarkable natural surroundings of abundant green jungle along lofty mountains and remarkable cliff, the exquisite River Kwai Resotel Resort in Kanchanaburi is the perfect blend of serenity, comfort and adventure.

A cottage at the resort

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This lush tropical jungle eco-styled hotel offers individual thatched roof cottage accommodation. The hotel also offers plenty of activities like boat trips, canoeing, bamboo rafting, cultural performances, lava caves visit, Thai massages, temple visits and bird watching at an extra cost.

The pool at the resort

Photo of River Kwai Resotel Resort, Kanchanaburi by Neha Kirpal

Who is it ideal for: One of the best hotels in Kanchanaburi, the resort offers traditional soothing Thai massages and dances as well as numerous recreational activities—making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy both relaxation and adventure.

How to reach: To reach Kanchanaburi, you need to fly to Bangkok. There are plenty of flights going to Bangkok from India, and if booked well in advance, you can get some great airfares! A Thai Visa costs 1,000 Bahts, which you will easily get at the airport on arrival. Just carry your travel details and two passport-sized pictures.

From Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, you will need to take a cab to Kanchanaburi. The drive is about 140 kms long and will take you a comfortable two-and-a-half hours to reach. Once in Kanchanaburi, it takes another 40 minutes to reach the resort’s private pier with free parking facility, the Phutakien Pier (Resotel pier), by traveling towards Saiyok district.

The resort's pier

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Getting to the River Kwai Resotel is really special since it can only be reached via a short 7-minute ride through the river on a local long-tailed boat from the Phutakien Pier. The hotel also offers complimentary check-in/check-out joined transfer boats departing from from Phutakien Pier (Resotel pier) to River Kwai Resotel every 30 minutes daily.

A waterfall at the Erawan National Park

Photo of River Kwai Resotel Resort, Kanchanaburi by Neha Kirpal

Sightseeing around the resort: The River Kwai Resotel is extremely well located, and close to many popular tourist attractions nearby, like the Sai Yok National Park, waterfalls, Hellfire Pass, Lawa Cave, Treetop Adventure Park, Mon Village & Temple.

The view from the bridge on the river Kwai

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If you’re a history buff, then you’re in for a treat as the town is also the setting for Eric Lomax’s book The Railway Man, a true story about a prisoner of war whose slave-labour assignment was the construction of the notorious Burma-Siam Railroad. Also known as the Burma Railway or the Death Railway, it ran from Nong Pladuk in Thailand to Thanbuyuzayat in Burma, and was built by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. The story has also been immortalized in print and film as The Bridge on the River Kwai, one of the world’s famous World War II sites where Australian, Dutch and British prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese to construct two parallel bridges spanning the river as part of the Burma Railway, for the many lives lost in its construction. While one bridge was wooden and temporary, the other was made of concrete and steel and still exists.

The Hellfire Pass Memorial

Photo of Burma Railway Kwaiyai Road Ban Tai Kanchanaburi Thailand by Neha Kirpal

There is also an interactive museum at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery dedicated to presenting the story of the railway through original PoW relics and artifacts as well as war-time photographs of the railway under construction not previously published.

The Srinakarin dam

Photo of Kanchanaburi War Cemetery Sangchuto Road Ban Tai Kanchanaburi Thailand by Neha Kirpal

Traveller’s tip: To make the most of your stay here, do the Kanchanaburi city tour which takes you through tropical forests of the Erawan waterfall and Srinakarin dam, the bridge on the river Kwai and the Death railway.

Address: 55 Moo 5 Tambol Wangkrajae, Amphur Saiyok, Kanchanaburi 70150, Thailand

Tel: +66(0) 81 734 5238

Website: www.riverkwairesotel.net