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Thailand is most wonderful island country of south-east Asia. Its beaches and resort are renowned worldwide for exceptional beauty and lavishness. Its amazing beaches, water sports, Thai food and beautiful ocean causing Thailand holiday packages on demand all over the globe. Chao Phraya River loved by tourist, it is surrounded by beautiful green meadows and hills. Its climate and location are extraordinarily beautiful. Thailand honeymoon packages are in demand and its people are very welcoming. Thai cuisine recognized very delicious worldwide, its culture and religious significance also pull travelers here.

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Thailand’s Spa and Message therapies are very soothing and play crucial role in drawing tourists. Thailand’s Buddhist monasteries offering spiritual peace to travelers having vast architectural beauty. These monasteries found here years ago since Buddhism is predominant religion of the country. Waterways and airways well connect Thailand with other countries. There is no shortage of buses, trains, and metros in the country. The mesmerizing beauty of the country makes it the best place for a vacation. Countries’ hospitality is drawn tourist here in innumerable amount. Here is the list of Best places and activities in Thailand that worth a visit.

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Most Recommended things to Do in Thailand

1. Bangkok River Cruise

Go for a river cruise along Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, its an incredible experience. Thailand, once named "Venice of the East" with a few amazing trenches on the Thon Buri side. the loveliest approach to explore the Chao Phraya. despite Bangkok has emerged out a modern city, the Chao Phraya River and the channels are yet wonderful for tourists in search of exploring the true Bangkok. The afternoon is the best time for a river cruise in a day. Night river cruise is available with dinners brimming with good food.

Visitors can choose from river cruise and dinner cruise available ar different timings for both. Thus, make sure you know about the timings.Also, Due to its popular demand, the cruises are populated – ensure to reach earlier than the time slot so that you can enjoy a hurdle free cruising.

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2.Grand Palace, Bangkok

Situated on the bank of River Chao Phraya, the perplexing houses a progression of lobbies, structures, wats and different structures intermixed with sprawling yards, amazing patios, and glossy greenery enclosures. As the sun sets, the brilliant pagodas light up the city of Bangkok. Thailand's capital without visiting a visit to the Grand Palace is like that of not going to Taj Mahal when in Agra. The well-known fascination in the region is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, it is situated to one side when you enter from the primary Visetchaisri Gate. Tucked in the isolated complex, the Grand Palace is a popular fascination that draws sightseers from each corner. It offers a beautiful setting, impeccable to take dazzling photos. This place is highly demanded by travelers in Thailand tour packages.

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3. Phi Phi Island

Phi Islands are well known for its limestone bluffs rising sheer out of the emerald green waters, white fine shorelines and its numerous coral reefs offering extraordinary plunging and swimming. The Phi Islands comprise of six islands. The real ones being Phi Don, which has the bohemian town of Phi Islands, and Phi Leh with Maya Bay. Phi Island is the most famous vacation destination in Thailand. It is among the renowned spots to see in Phuket. In your pail rundown of spots to visit in Thailand, Phi Island ought to be on the best. This island is most fascinating part of Thailand vacation.

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4. Fanta Sea Show

Roused by Thailand's rich - vivid inheritance, Phuket Fanta sea Show, not just features the interest and gloriousness of Thailand, yet moreover upgrades obsolete Thai traditions with the wonder of innovation and other amazing enhancements both computerized and additionally manual. It is extraordinary compared to other spots to find in Thailand. The land amusement doesn't stop, it loaded down with a colossal number of exercises and diversion areas: a Carnival town with beguilements, made works and shopping; a 4,000-situate themed eatery offering an extraordinary, Thai smorgasbord and different delicious cooking styles from everywhere throughout the world; and an astounding Las Vegas-style showy show, where best in class development and enhancements enhance the ease and superbness of Thailand's fantasies, questions and charm in a wondrous display beyond any doubt to engage the whole posse. . It is an absolute necessity visit put on your visit to Thailand. The approximate price starts from 2200 THB per adult and 200 THB per child.

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5. Underwater World Pattaya

A standout amongst the most wonderful attractions and traveler goals of Pattaya is the Underwater World. It is Thailand's first current aquarium where the guests can view the splendor of the undersea life. It is extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in Thailand. The Underwater World is a 100-meter long submerged passage, exhibiting around 500 types of fishes. Guests can either plunge with the sharks and beams with the accomplished jumpers or they can enjoy feeding the Kois with a drain bottle in the Koi lake.

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6. Chiang Mai Night Bajar

The market has a back road of different slows down outfitted with numerous foreign items, crafted works, apparel, and expressions. Maybe an ideal place to hang out with a bundle of companions, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a customers' heaven. An accumulation of brand name and fashioner products are sold, be it unique or phony however the genuine article is the super shabby cost. On the off chance that you have ever gone by Delhi's renowned Sarojini Market, the vibe and excite Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar offer is very comparable. Inside the complex, you will likewise discover shopping arcades and different eateries and bistros, for example, Starbucks, McDonald's and Burger King and additionally road merchants offering neighborhood Thai nourishment.

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7. Sriracha Tiger Zoo

The place is best for an animal lover, if you love animals then this vacation, visiting Sriracha Tiger zoo, Pattaya could become the most wonderful thing you could ever do for exciting holidays. This place is the amongst the most interesting and chaotic places to visit in Thailand. Many of the travelers visiting from a different part of the globe seek for the amusement that is no elsewhere available except here. A large number of Bengal tigers with several other animals are inhabiting here some of them are kangaroos, crocodiles, ostriches, camels and many species of birds. Don’t forget to visit this place to your holiday of Thailand.

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8. Coral Island

While locating few miles off the coast of Phuket Coral Island, known as Koh Hae, it is in the list of wonderful getaway destination for honeymooners in Thailand. The island comprise of two main beaches, Banana Beach and Long Beach. It is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand to visit.

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The name of the island says everything all about it; the snorkeling off Banana Beach is most thrilling activity and while you are planning to go out far enough from Long Beach you will also have a big course to discover, at its impressive coastline of coral reef. this location becomes beautifully serene and shimmering at night; the days here quite busy and overwhelmed with day tourists but if you are willing to walk enough the peace and serenity can be found in the extremities, of both beaches. Deck chairs and sun loungers can be rented and come free.

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It would be a dream come true to spend an amazing vacation in the land, where the sun touches the surface of the ocean, there are many other enthralling and amazing things to do at Thailand, you surely can make it happen if only you chase out of your dream and start planning. 

Happy Travelling.

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