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The medieval setting of the lonesome town, Deeg, will set you in a time warp with its ochre-bricked colossal and Mughal designs. Deeg is a hidden gem, which is fortunately not a hype amongst tourists yet. The Deeg Palace, situated between Bharatpur and Bahaj, was built by Maharaja Badan Singh in the 20th century as a summer retreat for the kings. It has faced several attacks but still stands gracefully overlooking a lake. The beauty of the palace is accentuated by the 900 fountains that surround it. The monumental Deeg Fort is worthy of a visit as well, but lacks maintenance. Many havelis such as Nand Bhavan and Keshav Bhavan, dot the town and maintain a similar Mughal pattern when it comes to its architectural style. It is interesting to see the town trying to hold on to the ancient glory that survives at its edge. During winters, visit the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur, just ahead of Deeg. You may chance upon the rarest species of birds while spending a lazy afternoon there. An annual fair every September is when Deeg comes to its lively spirits. If you plan a trip during this three-day affair, make sure to book your accommodation in advance. You can choose to stay either at the luxurious hotels at Deeg or the Forest Bungalows at Bharatpur to add a bit of adventure to your trip.

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Best time to visit Deeg is from October to March

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