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Stay Deshnoke doesn’t have stay options....

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Located in a small village named Deshnok, some 30 kms south of Bikaner city, the temple is known for housing close to 20,000 rats....

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Deshnoke, Deshnoke
The Karni Mata Temple is on a hill top known as Machla and gives a great views of the city on one side and on the other of the beautiful Lake Pichola. This place more than anything holds a lot of religious importance for people especially for the locals. The belief in the goddess can be seen with the crowd that accumulates here from among the locals as well as other Indians. The place can either be reached through a ropeway or through the stairs.
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Karni Mata Temple Road, Deshnoke, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
This is a hauntingly beautiful temple. Not for the faint hearted.
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About Deshnok

It was 8 in the morning; curiously, I got down at the small station called Deshnoke. The temple was a small distance from the station, I decided to walk.I stepped inside the temple premises, the courtyard looked normal like any other Indian temple. It was filled with pilgrims who were buying prassad for offerings. It was all fine until I noticed something odd on the temple gates. The entrance had carvings of mice praying to the deity. I realised that I am at the famous mouse temple of Rajasthan.Karni Mata is one of the important deities of Rajasthan. Although there are temples dedicated to Karni Mata in Udaipur and Alwar, it is the temple in Bikaner that is most revered. Legends say that Karni Mata disappeared near Deshnoke at an age of 151.

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