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Start from Bangalore today and reach Ramanagara. Spend the day visiting the silk trail in this town. The primary occupation in Ramanagara is sericulture, the art of rearing silkworms for the production of silk and is the predominant way to earn a living here. In fact, the silk from Ramanagar is a major input for the world famous Mysore silk sarees. Did you know that Ramnagar is the world's largest silk cocoon market? As many as 50 tonnes of silk cocoons are traded here every day. The fascinating sight of hundreds of trays holding fluffy cocoons, examined by buyers for their breed, grade and quality, is simply unmatched.Go a little beyond the market into the dusty by-lanes, and you will see first hand, the process used by small manufacturers to convert cocoons to fine silk threads. The cocoons are boiled and then deft hands extract long fibres on to spinning wheels.

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