7 Bucket List Things To Do In Sri Lanka

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Since Sri Lanka was dubbed the best destination to travel to in 2019, you’ve probably started packing your bags and booking your tickets, right? The island is filled with a plethora of things to see and do which means #you’ll never be bored during your holiday. Whether you’re interested in surfing, whale watching, hiking mountains or simply enjoying a cup of tea in the hills, here are 6 things you must do when you’re in Sri Lanka. Don't forget to invest in a travel insurance before your adventures on the island begin - buy it online from Fairfirst Insurance to save yourself the time and effort! 

1. Try out Local Food

One cannot visit a country and not get their hands (and mouth!) on the delectable local cuisine. Embark on an exciting food tour that will include things like cooking classes, market visits, BBQs, etc. preferably with a tour guide like Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka. Try out local delicacies from kottu and string hoppers to crab curry and isso wade.

2. Galle Fort

A land trapped in time, the old Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. Built by the Portuguese in 1588 and later fortified by the Dutch and British, there are a number of things to see within the fort, from the bricked clocktower to the towering lighthouse. As you discover the ancient treasures inside the fort, you’ll come across the Groote Kerk, the national museum, the Galle library and a variety of restaurants and hotels like Fort Bazaar.

3. Secret Beaches

It can often be hard to find serene beaches without crowds of people dotting the shores. Balapitiya beach, one of the hidden gems in southern Sri Lanka is a tranquil getaway offering an endless stretch of privacy. Kumu Beach is located on the shores of Balapitiya offering guests a private escape.

4. Sip Tea in the Hills

Enjoy the surreal views of mountain silhouettes with nothing but a cup of Ceylon tea to keep you warm. A stay in Camellia Hills will have you sitting in the well-manicured garden overlooking the Castlereagh Reservoir and the lush tea plantations.

5. Cook your Catch

Fish for your dinner from Bolgoda Lake as you cruise on Flow. Enjoy your fresh catch of the day under a blanket of stars as the master chefs prepare your meal the way you like. Some of the fish you can catch are mangrove jack, barramundi, giant herring, gourami, etc.

6. Climb Sigiriya

Does it count if you’ve visited Sri Lanka and not been to Sigiriya? Make it a point to climb this beautiful, engineering marvel when you’re holidaying in the island. You’ll be blessed with panoramic views from the summit of the surroundings. However, if the 1,200 steps to the top seems like a daunting task, lie back in the pool at Water Garden Sigiriya instead and admire the rock from a distance.

7. Largest Elephant Gathering

Head over to Minneriya National Park, located close to Jetwing Vil Uyana for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spot the largest gathering of wild elephants, around the Minneriya tank. This natural phenomenon occurs in the months of August and September, during the drought season.

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