7 Things That Aren't Worth Packing For A Trip


I've been travelling since time immemorial but packing for a trip is one thing I'm still not accustomed to. I used to pack a lot of things I didn't even use on my trip and it's only of late that I've started learning the art of packing minimally. 

Unnecessary things not only take up too much space in your luggage but also weigh you down.

From my experience, there are some things that are a waste to pack and if you struggle with packing as well, this list might come in handy.

1. Neck pillows

A dear friend of mine very thoughtfully gifted me an absolutely adorable cat-faced neck pillow for my journeys. However, if you're on a long journey where your bag is already full, adding a neck pillow might not be the wisest decision. Neck pillows take up a lot of space and if you do not have issues with your neck, you could totally do without them.

Here's what you can do instead: Use the support of the window or the seat in front of you to rest your head on

2. Shampoo and conditioner bottles

As important shampoos and conditioner bottles may seem, they take up space, they weigh and there's always a risk of them leaking and ruining your clothes and if you're not camping in the wilderness, chances are your accommodation would most definitely provide you with such essentials.

Here's what you can do instead: Use sachets instead of bottles or avail the facilities of your hotel/homestay

3. Books

There are some mistakes you never learn from and this is one of them for me. I always keep a book in my bag but never read. Yet, I always make the mistake of packing it every time I go for a trip. Unless you're going for a trip only to unwind all by yourself at a hotel or some place devoid of people, you really don't need a book. You'll be too busy exploring places and conversing with others, you would hardly get any time for your Neil Gaiman and Chuck Palahniuk.

Here's what you can do instead: Read on your phone/tablet which you were going to carry anyway

4. Slippers/Extra shoes

If you're short on space, you should seriously consider taking your slippers out. The only time you'd need them is when you're indoors and if you're staying at a high-end hotel, you'd most probably find bathroom slippers in your room.

Here's what you can do instead: Ask your hotel for slippers, go barefoot indoors (if it isn't cold)

5. Laptop

If you're workaholic or just someone who uses their laptop constantly, you may find it tempting to bring your laptop to a trip but you probably shouldn't. Laptops take space, can be heavy and are expensive valuables with a high risk of theft and damage.

Here's what you can do instead: Notify your complete unavailability at your workplace, use your smartphone or tablet for regular tasks.

6. Extra Jeans

Jeans are stylish, have pockets(usually) unlike leggings, and are just the right amount of warm. But perhaps the best thing about jeans is that you can use them for a long period of time. However, jeans are heavy and take up space. So if you're going somewhere for a week, don't put more than two pairs of jeans.

Here's what you can do instead: Pack leggings as they are lighter

7. Expensive Jewellery

If you're a fashionista, it's understandable that you'd want to look your best on a vacation by wearing your prized possessions but expensive jewellery can attract pick-pocketers and unforeseeable circumstances can also lead to their damage.

Here's what you can do instead: Use artificial and cheap jewellery

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