4 Cities 8 Bars: The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Cheapest Booze In India


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It's that time of the year when you just want to let it all out without any inhibitions. The stress of all those tense boardroom meetings, traffic snarls, half-baked goals, and everything that ignited the mercury level in you, will be drained out of your system on the most awaited night of the year.

Or maybe you just want to welcome the new year with a lot of booze without having to worry about your wallet. But before you go through the list we have curated for you, make a promise to drink responsibly and not venture into drunk driving.

So here's a list of all the places in India where you can drink without having to worry about the bill.

Delhi's notorious neighbourhood Paharganj houses one of the cheapest places in India to drink. My Bar's branch in Paharganj offers cheap alcohol apart from a vivid hippie culture.

Cheapest alcohol price: INR 45

Mumbai's most sought after suburb Bandra is home to many well-known bars & pubs. But Yacht has the bragging rights when it comes to cheap alcohol. This dingy bar which is now renovated serves some amazing Crispy Chicken and Chilli Chicken too.

Cheapest alcohol price: Price available on demand

One of the liveliest and costliest places in Mumbai, Colaba has something more to offer than its energetic streets and Seaface. Yes, and am talking about one of the cheapest bars in the city, Gokul. This bar is located right in the middle of all the other famous places like Bademiyaan, Leopold Cafe, Baghdadi, and more.

Cheapest alcohol price: INR 40

One of Bangalore's famous areas Koramangala offers a wide array of restaurants and bars. Amongst them one that will really make you glee is Sathya's. The bar is ideal for cheap boozing and long chats.

Cheapest alcohol price: INR 140

This classic Chinese restaurant at Park Street is a double whammy! Delicious Chinese food along with cheap booze makes this one of the most sought-after places in the city of joy, Kolkata.

Cheapest alcohol price: INR 65

Another jewel in Kolkata's Park Street is the age-old OlyPub. It's the oldest pub in the city which serves some delicious food apart from the cheap alcohol. Don't forget to try the Chicken Ala Kiev here apart from the obvious!

Cheapest alcohol price: INR 73

Located in one of the most crowded places in Delhi, Thugs is inside Hotel Broadway in Daryaganj. It's retro ambience and paintings of famous villains from movies will remind you of some epic scenes from gangster movies. If not for the food you can definitely go here for the ambience.

Cheapest alcohol price: INR 95

Ask any Xaverite about cheap alcohol and the first suggestion will be Sunlight. This shady bar on the street is exactly opposite of its name. It is crowded most of the days with students (the most), workers, and businessmen. Don't forget to try their Paneer Chilly. The two-floored bar has an AC section which will be a bit costlier.

Cheapest alcohol price: Price available on demand

Now go and freak out! But don't forget to drink responsibly, and most importantly no drunk driving.

If you would like to share some tips on how to celebrate the New Year, then do write them here.

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