Experience the best of Thailand with these 10 awesome bars! 


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Over the years Thailand has become a popular destination amongst Indians for many reasons. From its sinful nights to the serene beaches, temples, and more, this south-east country in Asia is one of the most sought after destinations by Indians.

If you ask an Indian, especially men, if they would like to go visit Thailand, they will reply with a notorious smile. Thanks to its extravagant nightlife, cities like Bangkok attracts hordes of people from all over the world.

Thailand's bars are one of the many reasons why people love travelling to this country. From swanky rooftop bars to cheap street bars, Thailand has it all. So let's find out more about these places!

Located on the busy street of Otop Market, this bar is famous for its beer, barbeque, and music. Its owner Barney is quite famous for his hospitality amongst the tourists. Apart from cheap pricing, there is free Barbeque on Sundays.

Overlooking the dazzling streets of Bangkok from the 61st floor, this bar offers a panoramic view of the city. This bar is ideal for a romantic dinner with some of the finest wines and cocktails to accompany. The Banyan Tree is one of the famous rooftop bars located on the Vertigo.

Credits - Banyan Tree

Photo of Vertigo, South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand by Saumitra Shinde

This bar on the Ko Lanta beach is famous for its lively ambience, music, and food. Their classic mojito is quite popular amongst the revellers who watch the sunset while sipping on to this signature drink. For a lot of us, this bar will take you back to those memorable sunsets on beaches of Goa.

People fond of art and burgers can head to this place to enjoy some great food in a very artistic and musical environment. The owner of the place Mr Pan is a great host and loves discussing art and music. Also, it's a good place to enjoy live music!

The place is inspired by the owner's dream of bringing together people from around the world who would enjoy each other's company. On Street Bar has got a very friendly atmosphere, excellent service, and great music too. Even if you are alone, the bar will welcome you with its vibrant community of travellers.

The unique combination of Peruvian-Japanese cuisine makes this bar one of the most popular ones in Thailand. Keeping aside the fact that it offers a stunning view of downtown Bangkok from above, the place offers a wide range of music and drinks. On weekends the place transforms itself into a party hotspot of Bangkok.

If you are in the mood to party like it's your last night on this planet then head to this bar. It's true that "with great music, comes great moves" and Zoe in Yellow has a great dance floor for you to show your skills.

Located on a pristine riverside, 342 Bar is a quaint place to enjoy a romantic dinner or a closed gathering with your loved ones. They serve a range of cocktails and bar snacks that may be a little heavy on your pockets.

Famous for its live music, this bar offers a great ambience coupled with a wide array of talented musicians. It's the perfect place to mingle with the locals and have some great conversations over music.

An intimate small bar in the heart of the downtown Sukhumvit, the place is a mecca for live music lovers. From blues to jazz, they got it all apart from some signature cocktails and dishes. It's a great platform for talented musicians to perform in front of an equally energizing audience.

Now that we've done our job it's time for you to book your plane tickets right away. Thailand is calling!

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