A day away from chaos

12th May 2019
Photo of A day away from chaos by Priyash Chandra
Day 1

It was about unwinding.
Unwinding everything the cities offer us.
The hardships, the struggle and that everyday grind even after which you feel like you're reaching nowhere and start questioning every single decision you take or have taken which got you strangled in this life you're leading.
I've had enough by this point and maybe it was my time of the year to reason with myself.
1 day was all I got and I had to do almost everything in it so let's begin with this story.

Origin: Bangalore
Destination: Kodaikanal
Time taken: 8 hours
Total duration of the trip: 1D/2N
Budget: Rs. 2500/- (including the bus tickets from Bangalore to kodai and vice-versa)

Hello everyone I am a fellow student of Christ College, Bangalore currently spending my vacations after the 4th semester in an internship. I chose to do this so cannot really complain about it but everyone deserves an awesome vacations except for when it is for a day in which case it needs to be super awesome. So let's enter inside the one of the best known hill station of South India and get a better look at it because I'm gonna do it all.
I reached Kodaikanal around 8'o clock in the morning after which the obvious thing to do was to eat. It took me an hour to get fresh and have breakfast and while in the process of that I decided my whole one-day itinerary through Kodai and was good to go by 9. Looking at the weather I decided to trek my whole way through Kodai as it was cloudy and pleasant offering temperature around 17°C-18°C giving the perfect everything to just tie on your lace and get going. This trek got me to cover 16km and had to get back to the city by 6'o clock in the evening so that I could make it to work day after. It was hard to think about it at first but then I completed 7:30 hours peacefully after having all the fun on way.
Let us take one at a time and see what this 7:30 hours has to offer:

1. Coaker's walk.

Coaker's walk was the first place I went to on this day trip as it is on a distance of 700 metres from the bus stop and it is a place to walk around with the beautiful valley view on the side. It's spread on a distance of around a km and is a good place to start your day at.

2. Vettakanal waterfalls.

Staying in Bangalore for soo long took away the idea of a summer from me but it felt like summer here with a nice view of the waterfall and cold breeze surrounded by forest made me feel like sitting here all day.

3. Suicide point.

Although not on the pre-planned itinerary but i came across this place while on my way trekking to Guna caves and I was like sure why not? I mean it's suicide point, it's always Good. To reach the suicide point, we have to go through a market selling all the antiques of Kodaikanal. Suicide point came across to be the happiest place in this day trip which you can pick it up from the picture itself. I mean there's monkey, ice cream, cloud and mountains.

4. Pillar Rock view point and Guna caves.

Pillar rocks are the mountain rocks in the shape of pillars. FASCINATING.
While Guna caves is known all over India or maybe world even for being one of the deadliest caves in the world. Now, cave expedition here has been stopped by the Tamil Nadu tourism department after several deaths of people daring enough.
An uphill road trek of 4.8 km from vettakanal waterfalls got me here which took me around 2:30 hours.
(That is me in the Guna caves picture)

5. Dolphin's nose.

I was looking at around 6 more Km of road trek and 2 Km of downhill Rocky trek from the Guna caves to reach here so I collected all my strength as this was gonna be the final point of today's journey.
I was still excited to continue. Tired, very tired but still full of enthusiasm. I manage to reach the place in the next 3 hours by when it was cloudy almost everywhere and it was just a feel of pleasant I haven't experienced in a while. I had my songs, I had a good weather to entertain me, was surrounded by good people. It was just the perfect place to end this day.
(Yes, it's me in the picture again and No, please do not try it yourself)

After everything I returned to the city around 4:30 from where I had to catch my bus back to Bangalore at 6. I had 1:30 hours to stall in which I was hungry so I checked out the local cafes and caught my bus at 6 with a stomach full and a mind happy (and a body sloshed).

Coaker's walk

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyash Chandra

Vettakanal waterfalls

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyash Chandra

Suicide point

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyash Chandra

Pillar rocks

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyash Chandra

Guna caves

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyash Chandra

Dolphin's nose

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Priyash Chandra

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