A Pipe Bridge over River Parvati


Quarter to eleven at night, pitch dark, howling of the animals, slinking away of the wildcats and the frightening sound of the jungle were the only things that could be heard. Sky-high rolling mountains all around, covered with oak brown and lush green forest. Spine-chilling cold it was, the breeze that blew froze our souls yet we were in love with the ambiance.

Photo of A Pipe Bridge over River Parvati 1/4 by Travelogasm21

Apart from the star-studded night sky showing us the path, a torch light was the only thing to our rescue in the blackness of the forest. A few meters away flow the river whose gurgling sound could be heard clearly in dark woods. Parvati river as it is called, dribbling and splashing moved through the trees giving a magical sensation. I was the first one to glance upon the brook that hopped over the rocks making a burbling sound. I could not describe the surreal beauty of that moment, for it was eternal and incredible.

Photo of A Pipe Bridge over River Parvati 2/4 by Travelogasm21

Being high on Mary Jane, we sat near the river enjoying the mystical aura created by forest and the river. We spent the night in the Parvati valley near the mesmerizing white-water river, deep in the unscathed mountains, created our own base camp and barbeque. A perfect camping spot, for the riverbank where we were camping, was lined with white shining spherical pebbles upon which the snow-cold water hurdled.

Photo of A Pipe Bridge over River Parvati 3/4 by Travelogasm21

Being restless and having a strong urge to explore deep into the woods made us jump out of our tents to go across the river. The adrenaline rush was so much that we just could not stop and started moving on the pebbled path alongside the river. It was when we came across two pipes joining the banks of the river. Those were thick iron pipes neither having any railings to hold nor any support system if one falls. That moment was so adventurous for us as we had to cross the river walking on those wobbly pipe bridge having a foot gap between them. Being as crazy and daring as we could, we decided to cross those scary, life-threatening pipes. We three peeps and no one around, we held each other's hands and made a human chain, one after another and cross the pipe bridge.

Photo of A Pipe Bridge over River Parvati 4/4 by Travelogasm21

Lost in the moment we didn't notice when the morning stars came up and shone like silver beads in the sky. Listening to the croaking of frogs and chirping of birds, we sat nearby the river wondering what a night escapade it was. We washed our face with the chilling fresh water of the Parvati river and left for another adventure that awaited us. This 'Pipe Bridge' over the Parvati river, a place I am never going to forget.