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A weekend Road Trip to Digha Beach Resort-Kolkata
Duration: 1 Day
Expenditure 10000

The most needed break after the hectic and tiring work A road trip to Digha has arrived. New Digha Beach–>Old Digha Beach–>Sankerpur Beach.

Photos of A weekend Road Trip to Digha Beach Resort-Kolkata 1/15 by Anu Brahma
Photos of Digha, West Bengal, India 1/1 by Anu Brahma

Digha is one of the most popular beach resorts in West Bengal. It is 185km from the city of Kolkata which falls in the Bay of Bengal.

We started our journey on the day of Bakrid with a team of 5 Bankers posted in Kolkata. The team included 3 gorgeous ladies including me and 2 gentlemen.

The trip was well planned as Bakrid is a national holiday and was eagerly waiting for the weekend to arrive to begin the adventure.

An a.c. innova car was booked for the journey from website. One of the most reliable sites to book a vehicle for the travel. The service was good and found really worth booking from this said site.

Early morning Friday 25. 09. 2015, 5am it was when we began for the journey. The cab did a home pick up from one bankers place to the others bankers place as we are located in different locations of Kolkata. At around 6am we all were together and the trip begins.

The road was good well constructed and the ride went smoothly. Thanks to Mamata Banerjee – aamader didi(in Bengali ). In between we halted at Dhaba and some coffee and breakfast and headed towards our destination.

During the journey I was like a reminder to the driver-bhaiya dhire and aaram se chaliye hume koi jaldi nahi hai (be comfortable and drive cautiously ). And petrol pumps are the best place to respond to your natures call when you are on a road trip. Trust me – safest, easily accessible after every few stops in the highway, etc Lol.

After 4 to 5hrs ride we reached the new Digha town where we halted at the restaurant for the lunch. As it was just 11am they were not ready to serve the meal but the break fast. Now here comes the role of convincing and communication skill. It is said there is a solution for every problem. We discussed and convinced the servers and finally a delicious lunch was served to us after an hour.

After that we headed to new Digha Beach. It was bright sunny noon and the beach was shinning like heaven with the rays of Sun kissing its horizon.

We walked through the shades of woods of the Digha and then to the waves of beach. The feeling was really beautiful and mesmerizing.

The new Digha is a place where one can enjoy the view and spend some in the woods. But not to dive in water as its lacking in infrastructure for the tourism.

Photos of  1/4 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  2/4 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  3/4 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  4/4 by Anu Brahma

Not wasting must time we headed to old Digha Beach. It was well constructed and the facilities to shower/bath yourselves after a dive in sea water. The beach was crowded with visitors as this is the beach provided with all the tourist facilities to the visitors.

Photos of  1/3 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  2/3 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  3/3 by Anu Brahma

Ahhhhhh the last beach Shankarpur it was-the virgin beauty of the beach. The tides were strong and landscape was really gorgeous. By evening we reached the the beach. It was clam, peaceful and windy. Perfect end of the journey it was at the Shankerpur beach as it was free from crowd and had the perfect evening enjoying the sunset. We decided to end our trip here back to car head to city of joy Kolkata back and reached our location by 10. 30pm.

Photos of  1/6 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  2/6 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  3/6 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  4/6 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  5/6 by Anu Brahma
Photos of  6/6 by Anu Brahma

Memorable trip and adventurous it was which would not have been possible without the mates/ colleagues/ friends.

Good night.

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