Be Aware of Aqua Marina Drive Inn while traveling in Manadarmani, West Bengal

23rd Mar 2019
Day 1

I don't want to write a repetitive blog about Manadarmani. As any Tom Dick and Harry can search Google and can get enormous information about Manadarmani.

I just wanted to make aware the guys who will traveling to Manadarmani in near future not to opt for the hotel Aqua Marina Drive Inn. In many online portal I have reviewed good things about this hotel when I visited the hotel for the first time 3 years back. But when I paid a visit last year I found the housekeeping was not up to the mark at all.

Today I came to Manadarmani and booked Aqua Marina for the third time, thought this time they have maintained the hotel as expected and I have told my sister and her husband many good things about Aqua Marina.

But what I found is television is not working in any of the two rooms we have opted for. Housekeeping is not again up to the mark. Housekeeping was ringing the bell multiple times, they did not have minimum sense of guest's privacy. They have written in their website they will be providing free WiFi, but they are not providing the same. They did not pay the cable service provider.

Basic amenities are missing from a hotel who are charging 2800 per night. The amount seemed to be way more high in my opinion, now they case rest upon you.

They are creating a swimming pool now, and be aware they will charge 300 to 400 bucks more at least going forward. So please be aware of paying high to get a little.

As confirmed by hotel authorities now for the cottages you have to pay 3500 rs and 3000 for the building rooms. They are setting up few more cottages. (Although if you book from web portals like goibibo it may cost you little less).

Summary : This hotel could be a perfect fit considering the space and area they have, but due to poor maintenance it is clearly loosing it's charm. I would opt for either candle wood or Sana or Bombay beach next time.

Stay date - 23rd/24th march.

Hotel Cost:- Usually it costs around 2300 but as we booked offline 7 days back it costed us 2800 including GST

Bus Booked from Esplanade :- Sagufta Travells ( Starts at 8:00 AM), I must say the bus is very very comfortable. Huge leg space. Anyone willing to go to Digha- Tajpur-mandarmani , you can opt for this bus.

Day 2

Few points to add -

1. Food is good

2. They took 10 rs each in the name of Manadarmani development. ( I am not sure other hotels charge the same or not )

3. They are pretty helpful in keeping your luggage if you stay for one or one and half hours after scheduled check out time.

4. Wifi is only limited to reception , although promised everywhere.

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