6 Best Places to Eat in Guwahati,Assam

Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by World of Wanderer
Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by World of Wanderer
Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by World of Wanderer
Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by World of Wanderer
Photo of Guwahati, Assam, India by World of Wanderer

In Assam eating means much more than just indulging your stomach. Food is sacred and eating is almost a ritual but the cooking process is fuss-free and in sync with nature, a trait that reflects the simple lifestyle of the inhabitants. Assamese cooking is a mixture of different indigenous style with regional variation. Assamese cannot do without rice. Rice is their staple food. It is cooked several ways. Still in rural areas and to honoured guests traditional way to enjoy a meal is to sit down on bamboo mats or low stool (pira). It is served in heavy bell metal plates. Well, if you are in Guwahati, and you haven’t tried the Assamese delicacies then you haven’t experienced Assam in real sense.Here is a list of best restaurants in Guwahati, that has mouth watering dishes to offer to you.

Assamese Thaali

If you want to explore Assamese food at one go, then you must opt for their thali. This is an excellent combination of vegetables, chutneys, fish & meat curry. And yes, if you are a bit adventurous, then do try their PIGEON Meat.

Paradise’s Vyanjan Thali at Silphukhri, Delicacy restaurant at Beltola are the best places to visit and have good reputation of providing delicious food with reasonable rates.

Manipuri Food

When you visit any Manipuri restaurant, you are bound to experience several varieties of fish & chicken. However, rice is the staple food of Manipuries.EMOINU is one of the best place to try Manipuri food. In EMOINU, you will get to experience a wide variety of local cuisines. You get Veg Thali, Chicken Thali and Fish thali over here. With reasonable rates & simple ambience, this place offers some delicious food to get your mouth watering.

EMOINU Contact: 9707038529

Guwahati’s very own “BBQ”

If you are looking to grab a quick bite, along the roadside Grill Republica is one such place worth visiting. Right from Rolls, Burgers, Kebabs to Shawrama & Salads you name it and you have it here. A hot spicy Chicken burger, indulged in various sauces is to die for.

Grill Rebuplica Details: Guwahati-Shillong Rd, Guwahati

Contact: 099546 58571

Naga food delicacies at Naga Kitchen

Not everyone outside Nagaland knew about the healthy, delicious, oil free recipe of Nagaland before Naga Kitchen brought it out in Guwahati. Its hidden away from the main bustling main road into an alley that goes a little deep. The feel around that place is very homely; it actually is a flat by the looks and structure. Coming to the restaurant in itself; as soon as you enter that ethnic vibe of the vivid Naga culture catches on with the artifacts on the walls and the show pieces of horns, beaks and more. And the best part is that raw tasty aroma of ‘akhuni’ is felt all around.

The pork with bamboo shoot is extra hot and spicy, though irresistibly tasty. Most of their delicacies are pounded on by masalas but just boiling and they are healthy and tasty that way.

Naga Kitchen Details: G.S. Rd, Dispur, Guwahati

Contact: 0361 222 0249

Bengali Fish Delight

If all this while you have been waiting for having the authentic Bengali Fish Cuisine around Guwahati, then Crackling Mustard is one good place! Located in the middle of the city, this place provides for a calm & tranquil atmosphere. This well lit and well designed restaurant is a welcome break from the monotonous eateries from this part of the world. Recommend to taste their kosha mangsho, pabda fish, elish paturi & bhetki fry.

Crackling Mustard Details: Beltola Basistha Road, Guwahati

Contact: 09854000504

Chinese & Mexican Cuisine at Shanghai Salsa

The name Shanghai Salsa might sound odd for a combination of Chinese and Mexican cuisine, but none the less it is a popular restaurant in Guwahati for local foodies. Whether it be their Peri-Peri Chicken or be it their Pork Ribs with French Fries, one does have to go back several times to figure out, why is it very different from the ordinary Mexican Restaurant one has in this part of India. It offers variety of cuisines from Mexican, East Asian and Continental dishes apart from popular Chinese dishes.

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Some of the other best places are Mishing Kitchen, Delicacy, The iconic momo ghar, Nagameez , Heritage Khorika , Makhan Bhog, The Dhaba etc. Among these Mishing Kitchen is highly recommended for Authentic Pork Cuisine.
Tue 08 07 18, 02:58 · Reply · Report
There are many other restaurants in Guwahati that are equally good. Red Hot Chill Pepper, Khorika, Kasturi, even their Mainland China is good. I love Grill Republica though.
Mon 01 11 16, 11:02 · Reply (1) · Report
Definitely. Agreed that there are many more restaurant worth being on the list
Fri 05 06 16, 17:38 · Report
I have eaten at Paradise and it is truly the best place to eat in in Guwahati for authentic Assamese thali. I did try pigeon meat for the very first time and I found it quite tasty. I went back to the restaurant two days before we left Guwahati to have the pigeon delicacy for the last time.
Mon 01 11 16, 09:06 · Reply (1) · Report
Paradise is by far the best one!
Fri 05 06 16, 17:38 · Report
The first time I visited Guwahati, I got down with severe cold leading to a fever. The locals urged my husband to serve the local delicacy Pigeon meat to help me control my cold. My reaction was obviously utter disgust saying ‘pigeon meat, seriously’? I eventually had the meat and believe me it was delicious. The preparation was so good, and it really helped me with the cold. Kudos to you for adding the same to your list of best restaurants in Guwahati.
Mon 01 11 16, 06:03 · Reply (1) · Report
Woah! Peigon meat is beneficial too. Glad you liked it
Fri 05 06 16, 17:40 · Report
Your article about best restaurants in Guwahati makes me realize that I'm going to fit in perfectly with Assamese and Manipuri people. I love eating rice, it is my most favorite dish. I love eating rice in every form, be it plain, or biryani, or with any curry. To eat healthy, I have started eating brown rice, but its not the same.
Sun 01 10 16, 21:45 · Reply (1) · Report
You can never get enough of the Assamese cuisines
Fri 05 06 16, 17:41 · Report
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