Explored Shimla & Kufri in 1 day

4th May 2020
Day 1

We did last year May 4 2020. We took the Toy train from Kalka, Haryana.

I'm from Chandigarh. Me and my friends did the trip and counted and shouted in every tunnel came across the way. It has become a habit to shout as there are more than 100 tunnels in railway way to Shimla. After reaching the last station, we took a quick bath at our hotel and the guy from Hotel helped us booking a taxi for further destinations to reach.

We reached Kufri Hills first. We had horse riding, Photoshoots, Shooting etc  activities and  then we had a home like lunch with proper meal including Curd, Roti, Fried Rice, Salad etc.

After that, we dropped our plan to go to Jakhu Hanuman Temple in Taxi. We took the longst and toughest way to reach the temple by just walking the slant height of more than 4KMs. 

After having rest for few minutes we left to the lowest part of the hill which is Mall road and church spot(Most famous part of Shimla). Weather was too good so it took around 25 minutes to reach it by walk from Jakhu to Mall road. Mall road was just okay, not very good as expected but the best thing you'll get in Himachal Pradesh is the feeling of cold air flows in every direction.

Mall road in Shimla is the best place to sit and have a long sitting over there for hours. After all that, it was around 5pm. we left to old bus stand to take a bus to new bus stand. From NEW bus stand , we took a direct bus to Chandigarh, Ive reached my home at around 11 pm at night.


1. Toy train was slow but was a lovely ride with beautiful locations🌴
2. Kufri, only good for visiting in Winter season🌬
3. Do 🏂trekking Jakhu Temple, if you don't have luggage and you are well equiped🧏‍♂️
4. Go using your vehicle🚙, public transport will make you more tired than your Jakhu Trekking

Photo of Shimla - Railway Station Khara Road by NAVEEN BHATIA