Night trek and Cave exploration in anthargange hills

18th Apr 2019
Day 1

The view from anthargange hills at night was truly mesmerizing. City lights looked like stars on the ground.
We reached at the starting point of our trek around 1:45 am, then we started our from climbing the rocks.
I must say that was the most thrilling part of the trek because if you slip or land on the wrong spot you can get injured severely or maybe die (I'm not exaggerating 😂). After a 10 min hike we reached to the caves. An advice : if you are claustrophobic then this trek isn't for you. The caves were very narrow and everyone was moving in a line. It took us about one and a half hour to climb through the narrow openings between the rocks and make it to the top. That feeling, when i saw the sky through a gap between the rocks it was amazing. At the top there was a small camp fire and a beautiful view of the kolar city at night. We saw the sunrise and then we came back to our bus through a shortcut.

Photo of Antharagange, Karnataka, India by MOHD SHADAAB
Photo of Antharagange, Karnataka, India by MOHD SHADAAB