Cheap Cruises - 7 tips to locate the best offer

Photo of Cheap Cruises - 7 tips to locate the best offer by Rashis

Little by little you need to travel more, in new boats, new routes, and especially at a better price to get on a boat several times a year. For a Bestcruiserates, looking for the next cruise trip becomes a task of finding cheap cruises on a good boat and an interesting itinerary. If we do not have a large budget, locating it is the best option to travel more frequently. However, we cannot forget that an economic cruise should not mean lower quality levels.

I'm still surprised to hear people say they haven't done a cruise because it's a luxury tripper for people with a lot of free time in retirement age. And they are usually boring and with little time to know the ports. My own experience over the years has proven to me that cruises are more affordable and fun than a vacation on land.

Many times great opportunities appear, authentic cruise bargains on good ships and with high levels of quality. It is possible to hunt them if you know what you are looking for and use the tricks of the real cross roads. Today I would like to share those tricks I usually use to find these cruises and travel more than once a year without spending a fortune.

1. Take advantage of the dates of the year with extra discounts

The battle to attract new cruise passengers between shipping companies and travel agencies causes during certain times or seasons of the year to make more aggressive special offers. These usually include or discounts for early booking, or extras such as tips or drinks package included.

Search for the special discounts that some companies offer (usually in low season - Do not miss the item cruise seasons, where you can find discounts of up to 65% or your companion for free. Other shipping companies may include free excursions or an amount of money to spend on board.

2. Choose a cabin for four

Consider making a cruise with friends or family to be able to choose the cabin of 4 or 5 people who are really cheaper than if we only booked a cabin for 2 people. If you divide the final price among all those who will use the cabin and applying the reductions of the 3rd and 4th person the price per person is incredibly good. You can find more information about the cabin choice at: 5 Tips for choosing the perfect cabin on a cruise.

3. Consider cruises with flights included

In order to promote itineraries that require flights to reach the port of departure, more and more shipping companies are including the cost of flights in the reservation itself with departures from the most important airports. This means, in most cases, that flying with them on their charter flights the price of the most cruise plane is cheaper than if we looked for it on our own. The limitation is that only some itineraries and departures have this option.

4. Take advantage of travel agency promotions

Take advantage of the special promotions that large travel agencies make a couple of times a year (usually between December and February). Be sure to look for these offers through a Travel Agency, physical or online, with a good track record and recognition. Find out about the experiences of other people shopping with them on the Internet, and look for those that have the highest popularity and sales rates. Cruise travel travel agencies, due to their large sales volume, can make great promotions and Cruise Deals including extras such as tips, upgrades, drinks...

5. Book as soon as possible to get the biggest discount

Whenever possible, book your cruise as soon as possible. Normally the great offers are given by reservation in advance to 90 days. In these cases, in addition to the lower prices and extra board benefits, you will have more options when choosing a cabin, you can search for your excursions in the different ports with plenty of time and you can get better prices on flights and hotels.

The last minute offers are usually of those unsold cabins and you will not have much to choose from (although I do not rule them out if the price is really spectacular).

6. Take advantage of guaranteed cabins

Not yet well known, an option to have a cheaper cruise would be to book a guaranteed cabin. In this type of reservation you choose the category of the cabin, but without a specific assignment. That means you will know your final cabin a few weeks before departure, always respecting the category and type you requested. In this modality there are real bargains, but you will not be able to choose location. However, if there are no cabins left in your level, they will automatically raise you to the top.

7. Ask to reset the price if promotions appear

Even if you have made a reservation with a good offer you should continue checking the prices of the shipping company or the agency where you booked it. Sometimes last minute price reductions are made in the same type of cabin as yours. If so, contact your agency or shipping company to indicate it and see if there is a possible compensation. In most cases it is possible to at least get extras, such as credit on board, or even match the best price. This is more likely if there is still time to cancel the reservation.

A cruise trip is a great way to enjoy the holidays. Currently the shipping companies and ships reach every corner of the world and offer a very complete variety of leisure proposals while traveling. Knowing what is included in the price you pay and knowing where and how to find the best offer you can cruise around the world without spending a fortune