Exploring peace in Nainital

Photo of Exploring peace in Nainital by Monishita Roy

Nainital- a very famous holiday destination; probably visited by almost every Indian. Yet, there is something about the place which makes it stand out of the rest. I personally, had never visited there before. For the first time ever, I payed a visit to the little hill station and it turned out to be the best trip of my life! 

I had booked a hotel high above in the hills. In fact, it was one of the best decisions. the view of the city at night, made it mesmerizing. The big Nainital Lake looked so tiny from above. The place was perfect.

There is a problem with the signals of service providers, which may make the mobile phones almost useless. But according to my personal opinion, that is what will make the trip even more fruitful. One will actually bind with the nature by coming out of the virtual world. This is what will make the trip so peaceful. The special destinations are also blissful. My personal favorite were  Nainital Lake and Eco Cave. Both the places have their own beauty and is a must visit for every traveller. If you really want a trip that will give you some peace of mind, THIS IS IT!

It is a bean-shaped lake situated in the heart of Nainital. Hundreds of tourists, who visit the hill station, do not miss out on this one. Boat rides in the lake are a must do.
Photo of Nainital Lake by Monishita Roy
A place full of beautiful flowers, one is bound to fall in love with this place.
This is not like any other ordinary market. Special Tibetan items which will probably not be available elsewhere, is easily accessible here. A perfect destination for shoppoholics.
The aura of this spot, bring out the inner peace in you. A place where one can spend and entire day without getting bored.
This spot is completely different from the rest. An adventurous destination, this place will give you a sneak-peak of the various kinds of caves of animals. Moreover, the gardens and jungle-like look of it, makes it a perfect experience.
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