Why Nanital is the perfect gateway from Delhi for upcoming weekend?



Nainital, the small town in Uttarakhand is the niche for every traveller. Falling in the Kumaun region, Nainital can be your ideal gateway from Delhi, for any of your weekends. The summers or the winters, choose your time to feel the tranquil beauty of the hills, the calm and soothing roads and the peaceful evening on the lakeside.

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Nainital, although small but has a lot to offer that can boost your travel mood and make your short trip worthy. One house spot for everything you are looking for an ideal vacation, Nainital come out as the best place to explore for a short tour. From mountains to the lake, adventure, food and stay, Nainital is the only place that you can explore even as a backpacker or a tourist.

So, before planning your trip to the hills of Nainital, just check out what makes it perfect for your weekends.

1. The perfect budget destination

For a backpacker, budget means a lot. You can easily find many budget hotels, hostels or dormitory for your stay in Nainital. Homestays are really famous and preferred by many of the travelers for a budget tour. What makes it different is the warm hospitality by the people of Nainital and the local traditional food that taste really good. Spending some time with the local Pahadi people will definitely be a unique and pleasurable moment.

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2. The multi-cuisines

Being the major tourist destination, Nainital is the perfect spot for food. Get the taste of authentic Pahadi food, the exotic Italian and Chinese cuisines too. Momos and Thukpas come under the famous food in Nainital, that you can get from any eatery. But don’t forget to taste the traditional sweet, the Bal Meethai. The soft and chocolaty sweet is famous in the entire Kumaun region. Don't forget to visit the Maggie point.

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3. Adventure to add more thrill

For all fun loving and adventurous people, Nainital has a surprise to offer. The endless adventurous activities in Nainital will definitely give you the buzz.

• Eco Cave garden where you will find a series of 6 caves, like the tiger cave, panther cave and so on. The narrow dark caves are really exciting that makes the place best in Nainital. A small fun time at Cave garden can be a good option for your tour.

• Horse riding in Nainital is really fun. The picturesque landscape while riding the horse will be the great experiences your trip. The full horse ride takes you to Dorothy seat then Tiffin top, then the peak. This cannot be missed.

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• Bike trip in Nainital not only sounds interesting but is really exciting. Rent a bike and just explore the entire town the neighboring places and bring back a lot of memories. The trip will be really breathtaking and adventurous.

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• The ropeway is another major attraction in Nainital that connects the town to the Snow View Point. From the Snow view point, enjoy the panoramic beauty of Nainital, the enchanting lake, and the snow peaked mountains.

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4. Rest in the lap of nature

Solitude and peace come as a free voucher in Nainital. The peaceful environment is best to escape from the city hustle. You can take a boat ride in the evening and enjoy the cold breeze, the alluring beauty and fresh your mind with the energizing vibes. Nature has the lot to offer when you are in Nainital. A walk along the lakeside on Thandi Sadak is an unforgettable experience that you will get nowhere.

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4.Trekking and observing the nature

Click and observe the beauty of Nainital just by trekking the path. You can explore the local area on foot and get the glimpse of the best natural beauty. The roads surrounded by Oak, Pine, Sal, Deodar, and Surai looks remarkable. From the birds to the beautiful flowers, everything is so different and gripping that you can’t take your eyes off.

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Reaching Nainital

From Delhi, there are many buses available that commute to the destination. You can even book your train and then transfer from Kathgodam or Haldwani. You have to further commute via bus or cab from Haldwani to reach Nainital. Many government buses are available at Haldwani bus station.

Choose your mean and back your bag to explore the best of Nainital for your weekend trip.

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