Field Trippin' Nainital

16th Mar 2015
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 1/8 by saumya silori
Jim Corbett National Park
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 2/8 by saumya silori
G.B Pant Agricultre University
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 3/8 by saumya silori
Famous Candles
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 4/8 by saumya silori
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 5/8 by saumya silori
Eco Caves
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 6/8 by saumya silori
Grassland in Jim Corbett
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 7/8 by saumya silori
Neelkanth(Indian Roller)
Photo of Field Trippin' Nainital 8/8 by saumya silori

Field Trip. Check. Free Trip. Check. And then you really don't care if you have profesors coming along as a matter of fact there's nothing else that matters. Thats an amazing advantage of being an Environmental science student. We began early in the morning and reached Pantanagar by 2:00pm and it was hot. It is an industrial area and visiting the Brittannia factory was like taking the nose for an olfactory treat. G.B Pant Agriculture university where we halted for a night covers a huge area and the mornings and the evenings in the campus are a photographers delight.The next day after visiting a few more factories we left for Nainital in the evening, keeping awake is a little important because witnessing the transition from plains to the hilly terrain is kind of amazing epecially if you are travelling at night under the clear skies. Hill stations make best places for stargazing. But people who are not used to heights, mountain sickness is a real thing also it is freezing cold. Kumaon University guest house was our abode for the night. Nainital has a lot a places to visit and walking around the town is must. The high court here is a magnifcent English looking building. Hiring a taxi will take you to nearby tourist attractions, Khurpa tal, the point where you can see some himalayan ranges (this is actually pretty good), the point where you get an aerial view of Naini lake and you realize it is shaped like a mango, an eco park where you can walk inside some natural limestone caves. There are a lot of mountain ranges around, like there are supposed to be but I was told that these are pretty young mountains with lots of faults and other geological structures, so i figured it is a good place for geology buffs.I also learnt that shops in Nainital sell amazing mutton momos but I couldn't verify it. Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences is one of its kind, it houses Sumpurnanand (104cm) telescope. For some reason Nainital is famous for candles and I wouldn't complain, they make up for good presents. The same evening we left for Ramnagar which is 3-4 hr journey from Nainital, and we stayed at this place called Dehla, this is the sixth eco zone of Jim Corbett National Park and unlike other zones is open year round. Waking up early in the morning was worth the amazing safari we went on, and going for it is the only way to experience it, reading probably wouldn't help.

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