First travel

10th Aug 2022
Day 1

Hi All,

I am Richu here and this is my first blog about travel and this means a lot to me. I love to travel and do travel-not a lot but whenever get the time to travel I wanna run as soon as enough.

Travel doesn't only mean to me to go somewhere outside only. It is like, food for the soul to me. I've traveled in both aspects of my life in good as well in bad times also.

Do travel to explore not only a place but more of ourselves. When my first trip took place our only girls' gang was there, little lied to our parents a little packing and heart was beating so fast to feel that "first time Travel" feeling.

I didn't sleep the entire night of the journey.

After visiting some places wherever you are in the hills or the beach or in the valley or plain 1st feel everything once you reached your destination. the wind the place the vibes.

Spend some time in nature without any mobile or iPod or any gadget just feel your surroundings and explore yourself. Go in a deep conversation with nature.

You definitely feel something that you've never felt ever and this will become the addiction. And once you get addicted then there is no escape. I just love the feeling and it overwhelmed me whenever I go out there and travel.

it is said that bad times make us strong and if you're in nature in bad times then it makes you calm and gives you strength.

I advised everyone to travel as much as you can, dwell in that feeling let yourself free in nature feel every vibe there explore yourself more n more before exploring the place. Put booze, camera and mobile aside and just go with the flow.

I don't know if people who read this find it good or interesting or bad but I only can say to thank you to giving your precious time to read this.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Thank You.

Traveller Richu