Flamenco show in Barcelona

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If you are into Flamenco shows, dancing or even samba, santorini, Trietto or Malaga. The city of Barcelona offers all that and much more! Be sure to check out some of the Hotels in Barcelona, i.e. your perfect place to celebrate Flamenco and be enchanted with Flamenco dance!

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- Excursion - Barcelona's nightlife, bars or not, if you are for it. If you have never been on an excursion, you should know that they are the ideal opportunity to see the sights and sounds of Flamenco in Spain at its best. On a Flamenco show inside Barcelona's Gothic quarter, you will get the chance to dance Flamenco with the best Flamenco dancers of the world. You may also enjoy other cultural attractions like the Prado de Sant Jaques, which is an old Gothic church within the city. If you do not want to miss the shows, book a room at one of these Hotels in Barcelona, where you can later go back to explore some of the sites. You can also visit other nearby sights like the Disneyland for Flamenco enthusiasts or the Gothic Quarter of old Barcelona.

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- The Prado de Sant Jaques - This is one of those buildings you just have to see. It is definitely worth a visit. It was built in the 1400s during the Renaissance and overlooks the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. If you are lucky enough to find yourself here at night, make sure to take some of the amazing pictures that can be seen all around. You will definitely be fascinated by the lighting of this Gothic landmark, and you might even end up snapping some photos of its unique architecture! If you come to Barcelona during night time, you will be able to see many more of these buildings, such as the Teatre-Museu de Barcelona.

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- The Royal Theater - This place plays host to a number of popular annual performances of classical theater. The original Royal Theater has been around since 1791 and is still going strong. If you are interested in seeing one of these shows, you will need to book tickets well in advance, because they sell out very fast.

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- Themes Soldado - This restaurant is located at Plaza Mayor in the Midi district of Barcelona. It has long been a hotspot for Flamenco shows and is famous for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. It also offers food of all kinds, from homemade specialty pizzas to tapas and other local delicacies. The restaurant serves a great variety of Flamenco-inspired dishes.

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- Tivoli Gardens - This place is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona. The majority of the shows happen here, and there are several Flamenco shows that happen during the day as well. Flamenco dancers perform throughout the day on this large open space, and at night you can find a variety of light show, which is lit up with hundreds of colorful candles. Flamenco lovers will enjoy this atmosphere.