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Barcelona Insider Tour

6th Sep 2013
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 1/8 by Carmen Rider
Carrer Del Bisbe
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 2/8 by Carmen Rider
Plaça Reial
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 3/8 by Carmen Rider
Palau de la Musica Catalana
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 4/8 by Carmen Rider
Fruit and vegetable stall at Boqueria market
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 5/8 by Carmen Rider
Carrer del Bisbe
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 6/8 by Carmen Rider
Gegants and capgrossos in Barcelona Festivi
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 7/8 by Carmen Rider
Castellers in plaza Sant Jaume
Photo of Barcelona Insider Tour 8/8 by Carmen Rider
Carmen, Truly Spain Ambassador

The main goal of our Insider tour is that you cover the most important points of the city center getting fully immersed in our culture, architecture, buildings, traditions and gastronomy.

We aim you to feel the Truly Barcelona and bring you to places which only locals know about. Barcelona is a city with a lot to offer and most of the travelers are caught in touristic traps and leave the city without having experienced the real Barcelona and its hidden gems. We offer you the opportunity to stay aside of this.

210€ for a group between up to 4 people;

40€ per person will be added for groups above 4;

Groups max. 7 people (recommended)

Tour Duration: 3 hours - 3 hours 30 minutes

The price of the activity includes the tour with an expert guide (a Truly Spain Ambassador), refreshments, small bites and tastings and personalized advice on how to get the most of the city.

We love to customize our experiences to fully adapt them to our travelers. Please note that a wide array of options can be added to this experience and depending on that, the final price might be adjusted.

Some examples?  We can upgrade your tour and include a full view of the city from the air (from a helicopter) or sightseeing the city from the most amazing see points from where you will get the most amazing 360 degrees pictures from Barcelona. Also we can show you the city charm at night or the vibrancy of its nightlife. You can try one of our tailor made in-motion tour (with segways, bike, electric bikes, go-cars, tribikes, vintage cars, Ferrari, sidecar, etc.). Experience the city from the sea and even enjoy a romantic dinner during sunset from a private boat. We have countless options which only someone with our experience and local knowledge can offer.

Let us guide you with one of our Truly Spain ambassadors, people passionate for his/her city which have special sensitivity for the country of origin of every traveler and fully adapt the experience to ensure you get the most of it – we count in our team with a dedicated Indian desk. All our clients at the end of their stay in Barcelona considered that this was one of the top experiences they had and it was worth every penny.

City walking tour discovering secret gems of Barcelona city center, also including Gothic quarters and Born district. Recommended for travelers who want to say aside from massive tourism and live the city like the locals do.

Have you heard about the Giants, sardanes (“traditional catalan dance”), castellers (“human towers”), correfocs (“fire-runners”), etc. ? In Barcelona there are all year round activities and local festivals going on, our Ambassador will explain you about them and in case something is happening at the time of your visit in Barcelona we will bring you there.

Would you leave Barcelona without tasting horchata, churros con chocolate, cortezas, turron, Iberian ham, manchego cheese, cava, wines, pan tomaquet, Spanish tapas? Catalonia is full of delicacies and the Promised Land for every gourmet. We make sure you visit the best places and get a try. Always adapted to your preferences, of course! And if you want we can also organize for you gourmet shops tours, cooking lessons or tours in secondary markets.

Our ambassador will also advise you on the best shows in town (at Palau de la Musica, Liceu Opera House, flamenco shows, FC Barcelona matches, etc.) get you the best seats and personalized tours or personal meetings with opera singers, flamenco dancers, football players, etc. We will let your imagination fly!

Please note: These plan always include the visit and experience of several hidden spots and food trials, among other surprises, which for us plays a key role in the experience. The below mentioned list of places can be adjusted depending on the dates of your visit (i.e. to attend a medieval market which is taking place, Castellers shows, etc.). Because we do not offer a pre-packed tour, we offer a fully customized experience.

Don’t miss the most emblematic pastry and bakery shops in Barcelona, charming coffee shop and delicatessen shop with products made by the noons in Convents all around Spain, street markets, alpargatas (“local trendy shoes”) shop, etc. Our Ambassador will bring you to most of these places during your walking tour. Because we believe seeing and understanding these spots makes the difference.

Do you want to surprise your wife/husband? Let us organize you exclusive trips to one of the biggest shopping outlets in Europe where you will get up to 70% off in the best brands, romantic dinners in a boat during sunset with Barcelona skyline, Ferrari driving experiences, gateways and scuba diving at Costa Brava, best cocktail and jazz exclusive places,  etc.

Truly Spain, a World of Experiences!

The largest square marking the center for Barcelona, Placa de Catalunya is where the old and new, the ancient and modern, the city and its culture meet.
Photo of Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
It gets its name from a seasonal stream (“raml” in Arabic) that once ran here. It was outside the city walls until the 14th century, and was built up with monastic buildings and palaces and in the 16th to 18th centuries.
Photo of La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Canaletes fountain- There are claims that anyone who drinks will return to Barcelona. Football fans come here to celebrate when the FC Barcelona win a cup or the Spanish league.
Photo of Canaletes Fountain, Barcelona by Carmen Rider
A grand 18th century rococo mansion housing a municipal arts-entertainment information and ticket office.
Photo of Palau de la Virreina, La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
One of the best stocked and most colorful product markets in Europe. The stop will include a trial of some of the best local bites.
Photo of Boquería Market (Mercado de la Boquería), Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Barcelona’s grand Opera House, built in 1847. Guided tours inside the Opera House can be arranged.
Photo of Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
At the bottom end of las Ramblas. Late 19th century monument to the glory of Christoper Colombus.
Photo of Monument to Columbus, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
A neoclassical jewel which includes the first Antoni Gaudi’s work, the streetlight next to the central fount.
Photo of Plaça Reial, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
A place where bohemians meet artists, Placa del Pi, along with its neighbouring Placa de Sant Josep Oriol, reveals to be the most charming and interesting place of the Gothic quarter, along with the significant gothic church of Santa Maria del Pi.
Photo of Plaça del Pi, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Barcelona’s political hub since at least the 15th century.
Photo of Plaça Sant Jaume, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Admire the beauties of the Gothic arch which is one of the most representative images of Barcelona.
Photo of Carrer del Bisbe, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
The most important gothic building in the city which dates back to the 13th century.
Photo of Catalonia Catedral, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Photo of Catalonia Catedral, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
You can examine the Roman origins in this Gothic architectural excellence, which houses the history and art of the region.
Photo of Museo de Historia de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Built in 14th century, it's a architecture of the medieval times par excellence.
Photo of Iglesia de Santa María del Mar, Plaça de Santa Maria, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Photo of Iglesia de Santa María del Mar, Plaça de Santa Maria, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Once-wealthy street of Barcelona merchant barons are now commercial art galleries
Photo of Carrer de Montcada, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Barcelona’s most visited museum. It occupies five fine medieval stone mansions on carrer Montacada. The collection concentrates on Picasso’s formative years.
Photo of Museu Picasso, Carrer de Montcada, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
A 19th-century market, built on the site of a 15th century monastery, was replaced in 2005 with this original, colorful market.
Photo of Mercat Santa Caterina, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
A modernista high point and World Heritage Site. Built between 1905 and 1908 by Lluis Domenech Muntaner for the Orfeo Català musical society, it was conceived as a temple for the Catalan Renaixença. You can book guided tours inside and show tickets with us.
Photo of Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Portal del Angel is one of the main shopping arteria in Barcelona. You can catch a quick bite around the colourful displays of espanol locals.
Photo of Portal del Ángel, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider
Photo of Portal del Ángel, Barcelona, Spain by Carmen Rider