Gateway to paradise in budget !! Near Pune. DEVKUND

7th Jul 2021
Photo of Gateway to paradise in budget !! Near Pune. DEVKUND by Siddhant Mahajan
Day 1
Photo of Devkund Waterfall, Bhira, Mangaon, Maharashtra, India by Siddhant Mahajan
Photo of Devkund Waterfall, Bhira, Mangaon, Maharashtra, India by Siddhant Mahajan
Photo of Devkund Waterfall, Bhira, Mangaon, Maharashtra, India by Siddhant Mahajan

A gateway paradise as the words describe ..... Devkund Waterfall present at near the TATA power plant of Bhira village is a true gem in nature. I decided to go for a monsoon ride to Tamhini Ghat and have fund in the waterfalls coming from the top mountains of Tamhini. I went to a waterfall which is above the plus valley and also is very clean and beautiful but due to less rain the joy remained due. The same place I had visited in my 12th standard where we went on a class trip. This place is like source of Devkund waterfall. Due to excitement and that adrenaline rush. Me and my brother decide to go to Devkund let it be in circumstances. We left for Devkund at 11:00 in the morning from plus valley. It is around 30 kms from plus valley. We reached there around 12 with enjoying ourselves through the curvy roads of Tamhini ghat. We were all ready and decided to begin the march. It takes around 2 hours by a hike to reach Devkund waterfalls which is worth the effort. The trail is enormously delightful. We paid 50 rs. through GPAY to the authorised person as a ticket and started our trail. Recommend you to keep atleast 100 rs. cash with you. We started around 12:15 in the noon and with the JOSH we began walking down. We were unfamiliar to the new adventure and thought it would be very near we could reach there within half and hour. Started to ask the descendants about the time it takes to reach there. The first answer was " 1 ghante mai pohoch jaoge" The scam. Then we met a real trekker who guided it would take around 2-2:30 hours to reach the paradise. We went walking through the jungle beside a beuatiful lake from mud to stones to river crossings and more. We came to the first river crossing after an hour. Recommend you to go through the river crossing to enjoy with utmost fun rather than giving 20rs. to cross over the bridge. Soon we stopped at a stall to have refreshments. Thereafter, 1.30 hours began a trek which exausted us completely but was worth climbing. As we reached near and near the waterfall the sound of the water and the rain mesmerized and energized us to go till the end. After 15-20 mins we made it through the woods and puddles. And to our surprise suddenly was the beuaty !!! The DEVKUND Waterfall. Beautiful falling through the valley. I went there took a deep dive 2-3 times and took a rest to recover for the reverse journey. We reached there around 2pm and stayed until 3pm. The worst part was people which were around 400-500 of which destroyed the real importance and the vibe of the place. There was litter into some parts. People were throwing plastic into water ; which is not acceptable ! On our way back to the parking lot. We were all wet but fresh. Started the backward trail and with a lot of soreness in legs and thirst and hunger finally reached the parking spot around 4:15 pm. The destination is worth visiting but if you really want to go and dive in your feelings into the water start your trail at around 5-6 am in the morning which is the best time I have heard from real trekkers and wanderers. Take some water with you or GluconD to keep you hydrated throughout.  At around 5pm, We left the place on our bike towards Pune. On the ride we experienced the real beauty of Tamhini Ghat in the dawning light of the sun. Had stops took Chai and Vadapav which is the obligatory if you are going on such trips. 

My recommendations: *Don't go now to the waterfall as there is a possibility of Covid transmission due to alot of people. 

*The police will also fine you while returning from the place which might increase your budget.  

*Let the hype get over and then go to get the real connect with the waterfall and the nature. 

Please give recommendations as this is my first blog . Hope you like my short story. !! Checkout my reel of Devkund on instagram @_siddhantmahajan_