Girls on wheels to Lavasa

14th Oct 2015

What a place it is!

So this was a random trip with my beloved roomies and sister it was day of 14th of October when It all started that we were only bored as hell so suddenly one of us said I’m so very bored lets go to Lavasa on our scooties so this not only the first time we directly bumped on the idea and head on  our wheels and there we go.

It was all  an unplanned one as I believe that “You always don’t need a plan you just need to breathe’’.

When we headed on roads we were mesmerized by  those beautiful  views through the  roads and lovely curvy road welcomed us and those sharp turn in ghat were fun and yet adventurous. The winding road enroute lavasa and the hill city was engulfed in fog. riding was never such fun. 

We stopped briefly at the Temghar Dam, a desolate large dam structure on Mutha river after we moved to our destination as it was the only attraction. 

Photo of Girls on wheels to Lavasa 1/4 by Sakshi Patil   

The nature speaks to itself

Photo of Girls on wheels to Lavasa 2/4 by Sakshi Patil         

After that we entered the city and and lost in city of serene which is surrounded  by the beautiful lakes and breathtaking views.

I felt like the city is a little piece of art constructed by man kind in wilderness of sand and dust, just like an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of biggest country I have ever visited.

Photo of Girls on wheels to Lavasa 3/4 by Sakshi Patil      

Scenic view of Lavasa

Photo of Girls on wheels to Lavasa 4/4 by Sakshi Patil

Lake view

It was an ecstatic journey which made me enjoy exploring and those marvelous serene blew me away. Breathtaking I must say.

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Awesome written girl..!!
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