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Saying no to party:

So its every Friday ritual when we are tempted to party. I know its hard to say no to friends which they hate you for !!!! but that's my Hack#1 to save for my next destination

One can easily save 2k to 3k bucks per party. If you calculate for one month, you can save decent amount for next vacation.Not only the parties but I also save lot of money avoiding the shopping expenses. Buying only whats needed is what I follow.

Seperate the expense:

Usually we all have same bank account for monthly expenses. I follow bit different pattern.At the start of month, I transfer my defined travelling expense to other account.

This helps in 2 ways-

1. Any particular month if I am not travelling, the amount is accumulated for next trips

2. Avoiding exhausting that amount for other monthly expenses.

Budget stays:

I always opt for budget stays. Staying in expensive 5 star hotels, we all want no doubt.But its our choice to spend on expensive stays or save that amount for trip's other expenses.

This doesn't mean compromising with safety factor during stay ,specially for girls. Prefer staying in hostels with good rating.Such as I have always prefered zostel, I have always liked their service .

Save on transport:

Always opt for public transport. Avoid paying in cabs, usually in tourist places taxis charge pretty higher.Also renting 2 wheeler is an great idea. Using more public transport helps you to interact with locals.Its an great way to explore the place.


Investing in mutual funds is great. I have been planning for an international vacation by end of next year and have already started to invest every month for same. By the time of maturity I will have descent amount which I planned for my vacation.

It works great, specially if you are planning for an expensive vacation. You can spend as per your convenience and how small or big trip you are planning for.

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