Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala

8th Jan 2019
Photo of Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala by saran raj
Day 1

Am working in Bangalore as a system specialist, basically it's a  24/7 project.  That week was a night shift following by a three day weekoff luckily no work burden on that night shift. Suddenly got enthusiastic by the idea of planning a holy trip to kerela. It was 2AM and I started to plan for next two days. The plan is as simple as covering Guruvayur temple followed by chottanikara Devi temple and end with Palani Murugan temple. Obviously logged redBus to search bus from Bangalore to Guruvayur, and morning 9AM got bus to Guruvayur. it's about 9 hrs day travel but had a good sleep because of last night shift.  As the bus was Bangalore to Ernakulam, I suppose to get down in Thrissur which is one hour before Guruvayur. Then took bus Guruvayur from Thrissur, on the way booked a room for night stay.  Reached Guruvayur at 8pm after check in had a dinner and went to sleep soon because next day want to be in temple at 3.30AM for dharshan.  Before check in the room purchased dothi in local shop because in Guruvayur temple u suppose to wore only dhoti and shouldn't wear shirt or anything.

Day 2

The alarm bell started to ring and it's 3AM , within 3.30 got ready and started walking to temple as it was only 500M distance between room and temple.  3.30 AM in Kerela and no one road ,full of peace and just divine. Went to temple as expected it's not too crowd. Had a good Dharshan and spent some time in Temple, there I noticed a board that holy trip to Guruvayur will be completed only if you visit  Mammiyur Mahadeva temple which is 1.5KM from there. Then again started walking to Mahadeva temple had Dharsan and came back to room. While return to room had a Tea , and enquired how to reach Chottanikara Devi temple with tea shop owner, then they shocked me by replying there is no straight bus to chottanikara, either I should reach VYTILA or ERNAKULAM to get bus for chottanikara. It's 5.30 AM I went and check out the room, Got bus to VYTILA at 6 Am it's about 2 to 3hrs journey in a KSRTC. Reached VYTILA 9AM and was waiting for 20 mins bus to CHOTTANIKARA but no luck ,then one OLA car passed me which is a great surprise for me. Then in a next half an hour reached temple in OLA.  The special thing about that temple is you can burst crackers to GOD as vow, there will be temple servants to busrt crackers you want to pay for that and pray to God all your wishes. Once all done. Atlast started to Palani to visit Tamil kadavul Murugan ( Tamil GOD Murugan ) . Got a bus to Thrissur where I reached at 12.30 from VYTILA . From Thrissur it's a last stop to Palani . Reached Palani and guess what it's about 1000 steps to reach a hill where Palani Murugan resides.  Successfully all the plans executed without any barrier. Then reached my native Erode on the same day. 

ITS about 900kms bus travel with in 32hrs across three states Karnataka ,Kerela and Tamilnadu. Three most famous temples. An biggest advantage of being a solo traveller is your plan , your lessons , new people , instant plans and all positivity.

Chottanikara DeVi temple front entrance

Photo of Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala by saran raj

Palani Murugan temple steps

Photo of Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala by saran raj

Long view of Palani temple

Photo of Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala by saran raj

And when crossing Kerela border

Photo of Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala by saran raj

Trip Map

Photo of Instant SOLO Trip - Kerala by saran raj
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Super, a nice trip planned effectively
Sat 03 09 19, 13:48 · Reply (1) · Report
thanks, sister.
Sat 03 09 19, 15:45 · Report
Vazhthukal nanba..
Sat 03 09 19, 08:45 · Reply (1) · Report
Elam un asirvadham nanba
Sat 03 09 19, 08:59 · Report