Kandrour Bridge | Bilaspur HP

Photo of Kandrour Bridge | Bilaspur HP 1/1 by Neeraj Dhiman

The Kandrour Bridge, which was completed in 1965 and connected the districts of Bilaspur and Hamirpur, is a historical link. This majestic bridge, which spans the Sutlej River and is one of the world’s highest, is well worth visiting. On National Highway 88, it’s about 8 kilometres from Bilaspur. Kandraour Bridge Bilaspur is one of the most significant tourist attractions due to the bridge’s breathtaking scenery and the enthralling Sutlej River.

The Kandrour Bridge, located in Bilaspur’s village of Kandrour, is 80 metres high from the riverbed and 280 metres long. The construction of the building began in 1959 and was finished in 1964. The Kandrour Bridge measures 255 metres in length and 7 metres in width. To make your experience more relaxing, the bridge is flanked by limestone boulders that float across the Satluj River and beautiful green trees.