Karnataka: A Place that Defines Tourism!!

11th Jul 2018


Photo of Karnataka: A Place that Defines Tourism!! by Muskan Abbi

Tourism in Karnataka

When it comes to tourism, Karnataka possesses myriads of spots of interests for the tourists. Ranging from ancient sculptured temples to modernized cities, hill ranges to beaches, Karnataka holds the fourth position among the top most popular tourist destinations of India. This state also succeeds Uttar Pradesh in terms of being the home to the largest number of nationally protected monuments.

Let us take a peek into some of the popular places in Karnataka where you should pay a visit to be mesmerized.

Bangalore: The capital city of Karnataka and also known Bengaluru, Bangalore is a fast pacing and growing city housing India’s IT industry. Bangalore is a favorite of some people, if not all, due to the greenery, temples and several interesting buildings. Visiting this IT-hub city gives you a glance of the technological progress made by India.

Murudeshwar: Housing the second largest statue of Lord Shiva, Murudeshwar is situated in the southern coast of Karnataka and 150 km from the northern part of Mangalore. The premise houses a temple which comprises of an exotically decorated 20-storied tower or Gopura.

Mysore: Displaying a remarkable composition of royal heritage, Mysore houses the major attraction, the Mysore Palace. There are several things, interesting buildings especially palaces as well as temples which you can observe and witness the architectural craftsmanship.In case you are a lover of sandalwood then Mysore is the place for you.

Chikmagalur: A very well-known tourist destination, Chikmagalur is located at the Western Ghat mountains. It is popular among the trekkers who climb all the way up the Mullayanagiri peak, one of the highest peaks in Karnataka. Chikmagalur offers a diversified collection of attractions including wildlife sanctuaries and temples.

Nagarhole National Park: Ranked among the top National parks in India, the Nagarhole National Park of Karnataka is an outstanding place to get a close-up of elephants living in their natural habitat. This park houses unscathed wilderness with a peaceful forest, echoing with the sound of the bubbling streams flowing through and near the park.

Hampi: Counted as one of the most prominent historical sites in India, Hampi is the long-ago capital of the Vijaynagar empire. Displaying some enchanting ruins which date back to somewhat 14th century. Stretching over 25 km, Hampi houses around 500 plus monuments which would obviously take than a day, if you wish to explore more.

Chitradurga Fort: This particular fort comprises of well-preserved ruins that are known as the lesser-gem of the Deccan Plateau northwest of Bangalore. It falls on the way to Hampi. The fort is the largest in Karnataka and its rocky landscape located on a granite hill is well surrounded with large boulders and valleys.

Gokarna: Gokarna is a small and remote holy town in northern Karnataka, with some of India's best beaches. It draws both pious pilgrims as well as holiday-makers, all displaying equal eagerness. Visit this place to get a feel of Goa.

To conclude, Karnataka is really a wonderful place to visit and experience the historical as well as the modernized aspect of India. Do pay a visit to earn experience and cherish some wonderful memories to live with.

Photo of Mysore Palace, Agrahara, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka by Muskan Abbi
Photo of Gokarna, Karnataka, India by Muskan Abbi
Photo of Nirvana Beach, Karnataka by Muskan Abbi
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