Kawaguchiko Music Forest

5th May 2016
Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 1/8 by Elaine Tan
Nice view of Kawaguchiko Music Forest with Mt. Fuji in the background.

Kawaguchiko Music Forest is like a little "European Village" in the Yamanashi area of Japan. There's even a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji amidst these European buildings and gardens!

From the Kawaguchiko Railway Station, we took the 'sightseeing bus' to get to Kawaguchiko Music Forest. We paid 1,500 Yen for the entrance fee (but if you arrive after 4pm, you just need to pay 500 Yen!) which was a bit steep.

You can rent 'Princess costumes' and walk around the forest to take pictures at the entrance. A lot of couples came to take wedding photos too!

Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 2/8 by Elaine Tan
This music box is not just a music box, it dispenses bubbles too!

There were a lot of music boxes on display at the museum. Some of them were antique pieces dated 1880s and from all over the world, particularly Switzerland and Germany.

The most amazing part of the museum to me is the Organ Hall, which is filled with the world's largest dance organ! There's an orchestra and sand art collaboration performance on "Cinderella" when I visited. It was amazing!

Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 3/8 by Elaine Tan
Organ Hall in Kawaguchiko Music Forest where the orchestra and sand art performance took place.
Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 4/8 by Elaine Tan
Orchestra and Sand art performance "Cinderella" - scene where the Prince met Cinderella at the ball
Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 5/8 by Elaine Tan
Pretty flowers were in bloom inside Kawaguchiko Music Forest
Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 6/8 by Elaine Tan
It's not Autumn, but these trees had an amazing fall colour!
Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 7/8 by Elaine Tan
Mount Fuji in sight!
Photo of Kawaguchiko Music Forest 8/8 by Elaine Tan
Visit the Souvenir Shop if you are keen to get interesting music boxes back for your loved ones!
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