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Call of Solstice

15th Jan 2015
Photo of Call of Solstice by Saun Wild

Things got awe-inspiring after sundown. The radiance of dusk seemed like a imaginary painting. We experience -15°C temperature in the place. We build our home(tent)over an ice blanket(10 feet thick). Can't sleep up all night. Nirvana keeps staring at his watch. Eyes Wide Open all night long. Just waiting for the God(Sun) to arrive. The Light of Agnidev climbs up and saves us. We explore the region for a few hours and then successfully descend the peak. Encounter an old man who says, ''I have been living in this place for the last 45 years but nobody has ever ascended the peak in these frozen months of snowfall. How did you survive? You guys deserve a prize''. I smile and say, 'Your words are prize for us and we survived with your blessing'. Mother Nature!! We just wanted to see the sunrise and that's what made us stay the night. The Morning after dark was awe-inspiring. A reward for us!!