The Ultimate Trekking Checklist..

12th Jul 2019
Photo of The Ultimate Trekking Checklist.. by Never-ending-footsteps by Richa Shah..
Day 1

Trekking Checklist

1.   Identity card(Original and Xerox),
      4 passport size photos (in case
      of emergency)
2.   Wallet( Some cash and lots of change)
3.   Phone ,charger,power bank
      and earphones.
4.   2 Bottoms,4 Tshirts,Inner wears,2 pair
       of socks, handkerchiefs.
5.   Toiletries-Toothbrush,paste,facewash,
      face cream,sunscreen,wipes.
6.   Medication- Mosquito repellent,
      Vomiting,Stomach pain,Headache,
      Cold, Volini,Painkillers,Fever,Eno,
7.   Camera  with charged batteries and
8.   Pen and paper
9.   Water bottle,dry fruits
      and chocolates ,biscuits,cake.
10.Slippers,Sunglasses,Hat or
      cap, Poncho(for monsoon)
      and winter folding jacket,thermals
      and woolen caps( for winter).
11.Few extra packets or a folding bag .
12.Map of the place on your phone or
     print out.
13.Walking pole,Torch,Head torch.
14.Small hot bag.
15.Hand towel.
16.Selfie stick(😜😜)- Trips are incomplete without a good selfie..😀😀