Complete travel checklist: Eurotrip

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Planning a trip can be as gruelling as exciting. A travel checklist is a very useful tool and saves you a lot. Here is a comprehensive checklist, which can be customised based on your priorities and the travel season.


  • Pack light but don't leave small things (e.g razors) which may be very costly in Europe.
  • Avoid heavy things like jackets and carry one piece, if at all
  • Avoid carrying sharps and liquid above 100ml as they will not be cleared in low cost flights in europe without checkin baggage (checkin baggage there is costlier than the flight) 




  • Luggage locks & keys (two copies, separate locations)
  • Swiss Army knife (checked luggage)
  • Compact umbrella
  • Selfie stick


  • 1 formal shirt and trouser
  • T-shirts and jeans
  • light Jacket for summers
  • nightclothes, shorts, swimwear, towel
  • socks, handkerchief, underwear (5 each atleast)
  • Goggles

TOILETRIES (checked luggage)

  • Nailfile
  • Disposable razors
  • comb
  • sunscreen
  • soap, shampoo, detergent
  • cold cream
  • hairgel
  • deodorant/perfume
  • tissue paper

MEDICINES with prescription

  • T. Norflox-Tz (diarrhoea)
  • T. Pan40 (acidity)
  • T. Calpol (fever,headache)
  • T. Stemetil (vomiting)
  • T. Spasmilon (stomach pain)
  • T. Nucoxia mr (backpain)


Maggie, coffee, sweet corn, pasta, noodles, chips, biscuits

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