Road trip to NYC ! (WI to NYC)

28th May 2021

Ohhhh .. NYC

Photo of Road trip to NYC ! (WI to NYC) by Ashwini Jadhav
Day 1

Kinda impromptu yet planned , this is how we decided to go explore NYC for the long weekend. First one since the pandemic, first long road trip for us as a married couple.. ! Though the weather in NY that weekend was not supportive, it was rainy and cold.. Brrr... We decided to make most of it and visit all the places we made as an itinerary..

Day 1 - We started at around 10:30 am and reached Du Bois, PA at around 10 pm the same day and halted in Best Western for the night. We could have made it further as our target was to drive till 10 pm but as we forgot to grab our vaccination cards we lost 30 minutes during our initial drive itself !! Tip - We did not book a hotel for the night in PA as we were not sure how far we might reach as it was first time a road trip to NYC through, WI-IL-IN-OH-PA-NJ-NYC. Due to the long weekend the highway hotels were full but luckily we got one available room matching our requirements. We started at 8 am next day and reached NYC Hotel by 12 pm. We had our tickets for MET visit at 3 pm on day 2.

Day 2

Day 2 - Passing the Lincoln Tunnel was exciting , it being the underwater Tunnel a marvel of construction technology. Tip - Toll is in CASH !

Day 2 - Underwater Lincoln Tunnel !

Photo of Lincoln Tunnel, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Day 2 - NYC Lincoln Tunnel to reach 39th St

Photo of Lincoln Tunnel, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Day 2 - Nice 4 mile walk down to the MET , through the downtown and the Central Park

Photo of Radio City Music Hall, 6th Avenue, NYC, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Day 2 - Scenic walk down to the MET- Central Park west..

Photo of Central Park West, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Day 2 - Buggy amidst rainy weather @central park west

Photo of Central Park West, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Fountain at the MET entrance

Photo of Central Park West, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

We had booked the tickets to the MET for 3 PM online a week before our trip, ( We found out the Museum is so huge that you can spend an entire day and still may not finish all the sections.. We missed a lot of sections as we had only 2 hours for the visit .. 2 hours were not at all enough for us... We might try to go see The MET again sometime .. if we can.. Always wishing to travel.. The wanderer in Me... We decided to walk down to the MET and experience NYC downtown.. As we left the hotel we decided to grab something to eat and we walked towards the route to the MET, our plan was to visit one Indian place called ' the Kathi Roll Company'.. and we found it on our way.. we rate it as 10 stars out of 5!! P.S. We ended up having dinner at the same place again!!

After the MET we decided to walk and take the subway to the Hotel .. it was sprinkling and we made it to the subway.. we took the train to the 'Grand Central Terminal'. We walked to the Hotel but ended up taking the wrong exit .. but that was the point .. right.. exploring !! :) Saw people playing bands and music on the way.. Fun ! The correct exit was just 2 minutes of a walk to the Hotel at the East 38th Street.

The plan for day 2 was to explore the Times Square .. have dinner .. roam , walk and conclude day 2. As I mentioned earlier.. we ended up grabbing dinner from the same place ' The Kathi Roll Company' again (which was open all night on a Saturday) and the places we shortlisted for dinner while walking at times square while walking were under renovation and even 'The Hard rock Cafe' was closing at 9-9:30 Pm.. pandemic has changed many things. There are many restaurants along the Times Sq. but I being non meat eater was thinking more of a restaurant having variety of options... P.S. most places were also reserved ..

Photo of Times Square, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav
Photo of Times Square, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Times sq street

Photo of Times Square, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav
Day 3

Day 3 - We had booked the visit to 'The statue of Liberty' online through We chose the earliest timing so that we can continue exploring some other stops from our itinerary. The weather was not very cooperative ! it rained and poured and was cold and extremely windy.. The ferries start from various spots.. as mentioned on the website.. We chose the 'Battery Park' Stop. Cab costed @ $30 from 38th St to the Battery Park.

We were drenched and went back to change in the hotel, other plan for the day was to visit for sure - One world Trade center, the 9/11 memorial, the charging bull, the fearless girl statue, the highline, Brooklyn bridge, Empire estate view deck, Washington square etc. We could not make to the highline gardens & Washington Square..

After that we visited the charging bull and the NYSE spot... I had to check these spots from the list.. ME being the Bollywood stuff fan of some sorta..

Photo of Liberty Island, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Panorama ...

Photo of Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

View from the ferry deck

Photo of Battery Park City, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav
Photo of Liberty Island, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Manhattan Skyline from Liberty Island

Photo of Liberty Island, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Also visit the Gift shop on the Liberty Island , there is a food junction too if you like the precooked fast food. We managed to enjoy the liberty Island and appreciate the beauty of the Liberty Statue when the rained stopped for 30 minutes. reading about the history of the place was amazing. Visit to the pedestal and crown were not allowed, you can otherwise chose the packages from the website. You can also visit the 'Ellis Islands' on the cruise trip. We had downloaded the app which was extremely useful. We used subway to visit the One world trade center and 9/11 memorial - MUST VISITS.

Photo of 9/11 Memorial Walk, Valley Stream, New York, USA by Ashwini Jadhav
Photo of One World Trade Center, Fulton Street, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Charging Bull

Photo of Bowling Green, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Next stop was going to be the second last so we decided to make the most of it, we took the subway and got down at the Brooklyn bridge stop.. walked out and guess what.. we walked through the Brooklyn bridge all the way to the other side to Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was an mazing experience. Had dinner near the Brooklyn Bridge park... Booked a cab to our last destination .. The Empire Estate.

Brooklyn Bridge panorama from the Park @ Dumbo, Brooklyn

Photo of Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

Book tickets for the observatory per your requirements; The view is mesmerizing but we had a difficult time due to the clouds as I had mentioned.. weather was not cooperating.. But still we made the most of it.. It was so damn chilly.. P.S. - The next day when we were travelling back to Wisconsin.. that day was Sunny and Warm .. That's how it works.. correct ! :P

86th Floor

Photo of Empire State Building, New York, NY, USA by Ashwini Jadhav
Photo of Empire STATE BUILDING, Overland Park, KS, USA by Ashwini Jadhav

P.S. - If time permits also plan to visit the 9/11 museum. For a 2 day trip we had to choose and drop some destinations. During these 2 days we walked a lot .. a lot !! even in the rains.. There are many other places to be visited as per individual choices and time.. we also were planning to visit the Madame Tussauds at the times square. I bet Manhattan cruise must also be an amazing one .. Also hope to go back to visit the destinations we could cover..

Day 4

Day 4 - 13 Hour drive back to Wisconsin